[DRA] Yule Ball

Be it known unto all gentles who have a mind to indulge their fancy for exceptional repasts, fine company, excellent dancing and song in painted halls, and keen exchanges at arms, that the Shire of Flintheath doth give notice of the celebration of their annual Yule Ball. To those Lords and Ladies and Peers of the Realm who wish to grace this Festival with their most illustrious presence, the Steward begs leave to inform all that the event will be held at Little Abington Scout Camp, Church Lane, Little Abington, Cambridgeshire, CB21 6BQ.

There will be a morning chivalrous Tourney of Arms, for the noble prize of a fine Red Sash. To provide a greater challenge for the noble fighters, this shall be a shieldless tournament. The gentle who emerges triumphant may then present the sash to the Lady who most inspired them on the field, and who may in turn display it upon their person until such a time as another gentle, victorious in a future Tourney of the Red Sash, shall claim it off them.

Contrary to normal usage, the Yule Banquet shall start early, strictly at 3pm. This will enable much feasting to be had before the High Revel of dancing and music, subtleties and sweets, games and the choosing of the Holly King.

These halls are 23 miles from Stansted Airport and 8 miles from Cambridge's main train station. Collections can be arranged beforehand by informing the steward of your transport needs when booking your attendance.

Directions: From the M11, take the exit 9 onto the A11 in the direction signposted for Newmarket/Norwich, take the exit onto the Cambridge road �� A1307, signposted Haverhill. Continue on the A1307 roughly 800m or just over a mile turning right past the Garage onto the High Street for Little Abington. Where the road bends, turn right Church Lane. Follow the road round, turn left into the Scout Camp (follow SCA signs).

The site is discreetly wet and opens at 3pm on the Friday evening, simple traveller's fare will be available. There will be crash space on the floor but all gentles will need to bring their own bedding. Camping space is also available, but bear in mind that conditions may be wet and definitely cold. The Site needs to be vacated by 1pm on Sunday.

Site fee per person: 12
Feast fee per person: 6
Children under 6 go free

When making reservations please indicate any dietary requirements and transport/collection requests.

Event Steward/Reservations:
Lord Gyles Rochester
Mka John Scerri-Headley
Email: johnsh@scerri-headley.co.uk

Feast Cook:
Lady Oddgerd Grassfoot
Mka: Jessica Duke
Email: gigglefit2000@aol.com

Marshal in Charge:
Lord Clancy Fairchild of Ulster Location:
Shire of Flintheath (Little Abington, England)