Fire, the plague of the Current Middle Ages

As of this writing, nearly 2000 homes have burned in a 72 hour period throughout Southern California. Though the first fire started in Malibu, part of the Barony of Lyondemere, Caid, the most destruction has occurred within San Diego County, the Barony of Calafia, Caid.

Half a million people in Calafia alone have been displaced due to evacuation. We do not yet know how many of these people will not have homes to return to. Property damage throughout California is being placed at over one billion dollars.

Early reports indicate that SCA members within Calafia are volunteering in various capacities, such as helping to take care of the 10,000 people who are currently staying in the Qualcomm Stadium. The rest of us can help as well.

It is only speculation at this point to imagine the challenges that these people and the affected communities will face in the days and weeks ahead. But they will need help. Devastation on this level is comparable only to a disaster on the scale of Hurricane Katrina.

SCA related sites -such as the twice-annual war sight at Potrero State Park near Dulzura- have been lost, almost certainly major events will be canceled for some time. The entire southland of California is polluted with microscopic smoke and ash particles that no kind of face-mask can filter entirely, even relatively small events such as fighter, archery, and rapier practices are being canceled throughout Caid, due to calls by air quality control experts to limit exertion and heavy smoke intake.

Nearly all of this destruction has occurred within the Kingdom of Caid, originally part of West Kingdom -the first kingdom - the origin point of the SCA. How SCA members throughout The Known World respond to this crisis will be a measure of the honor, values, and chivalry that our unique Society represents.

My suggestion: consider staying home from one major event this year. Consider the amount of money you would have spent on the entry, gas or plane tickets, supplies, things you would have rented for the event, food, costumery, and include an amount you likely would have spent during impulse buying. Deny yourself this one weekend of pleasure (catch up on some reading) and donate this amount to the American Red Cross, earmarked for the California Fire Victims.

Their misery may last for years, the pleasure this money would have brought us would have lasted a few days. The honor, pride and feeling of charity that helping can bring us may last our lifetimes.

A link to the newspage of the American Red Cross' websight has been included, donations can be made via this sight.

Portreo Park did not burn

From Aldgytha, Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Kingdom of Caid:

"I would like to correct a post from earlier on SCA Today that contains some misinformation. Portrero Park did not burn, the community around it did. Plans are already in the works for SCA work parties to help the community. Both Calafia Anniversary, and Coronation/Queens Champion will be held this weekend and next in San Diego County. Several fighter practices were cancelled due to air quality concerns. Only one event was cancelled, and it was done in respect for all of the people dealing with the fires, as well as air quality concerns. While not everyone has been allowed to return to their homes, we are hopeful that we have lost no more homes. I wish I could give recognition to all of the wonderful individuals who have assisted others, but there are so many it is overwhelming. I am so very proud of Caid at this time. As the dust settles, and we know more, I will let everyone know. Thank you!"

Caiden DRC

Potrero Park did NOT burn.

Potrero Park did NOT burn.