First AOA for aviculture awarded to guild founder

After seventeen years of service to the dream, Aisin-gioro Biya was awarded arms for her work in aviculture by King Andreas and Queen Gabriella at Warrior's Naadam, Silver Horde's 10th anniversery celebration held in Ostgardr, East Kingdom. Given Biya's own Jurchen shaman persona, the setting for her award couldn't have been more appropriate.

The award came immediately after a short viceregal court in which Biya, with other Ostgardrian aviculturists assisting her, presented Lady Lile Dubh inghean ui Mordha with the guild's first award, the Honorary Parrot, for exempliary progress in the study of aviculture by a person not currently in stewardship to a bird. The token for this guild award is a silver and green enameled conure Lady Lile has affectionally named "Pelham" after the park that is home to several wild quaker parrots in the Bronx.