Coxcomb Academy Plans Numerous Activities for Pennsic 32 and Collegium Caidis

The Coxcomb Academy, noted for their performing arts classes, recently published a list of upcoming classes and public performances for Pennsic War 32 and Collegium Caidis. The schedule for this year's Pennsic War includes six public performances and about three dozen class sessions. Topics include "Intro to Juggling", the "Performers' Emergency Kit", "Intro to Stage Combat", "Intermediate Improv", and many more. The first Pennsic public performance will be August 11 and the last on August 16.

In addition, Coxcomb will present classes and performances at Collegium Caidis.

The Coxcomb web site, linked from the headline above, has a detailed description of each class and each performance plus a summary schedule grid for Pennsic 32.

Information about the Coxcomb activities at Collegium Caidis can be found at this URL: