Hard-Fought Victory in Midrealm Fall Crown

In last weekend's fall Crown Tournament, Sir Lutr Ulfskjald, fighting for Lady Tessa of Wight, prevailed over Sir Jocelyn le Jongleur, fighting for Sir Logan MacCoinnich of Kintail, to win the Crown of the Middle Kingdom. Justin shares photos of Crown Tournament and the Court that followed.

From a field of almost thirty contenders emerged Syr Ullr Vindstygge (fighting for Lady Annelyse van Gavere) and Sir Jocelyn as undefeated victors from the early rounds. Viscount Gaylen the Smiling (fighting for Baroness Medb ni Ciaran Mac Murchadha) and Sir Lutr Ulfskjald survived the early rounds with one loss each.

Gaylen faced Jocelyn, with Gaylen needing to win twice in order to eliminate her from the double-elimination tournament. Although Gaylen won their first bout, Jocelyn triumphed in the second and thus eliminated Gaylen and secured her place in the finals.

Next on the field, Lutr met Ullr, with Lutr also needing to win twice because he already had one loss in the tournament. Against these odds, Lutr was victorious, earning his place in the finals against Jocelyn.

After a break for rest and water, Sir Lutr and Sir Jocelyn presented themselves beside their consorts, Sir Logan and Lady Tessa, to Their Majesties Palymar and Aislinn, who offered bouquets of flowers to the consorts and invited them to sit alongside Their Majesties to witness the final round.

At last, Sir Jocelyn and Sir Lutr squared off in the list field, saluted Crown, consort, and opponent, and then attacked. The first bout was circumspectly fought, with the contenders circling and carefully probing one another's defenses. Lutr succeeded in wounding Jocelyn's leg, forcing her to fight from a kneeling position, but it was clear she was not ready to concede. It took considerable time and effort, with multiple attacks, before Lutr finally claimed the victory.

The second bout began similarly, but Jocelyn was able to defeat Lutr with a precision face thrust, leaving the two evenly positioned for the final bout that would settle the Royal Succession.

All eyes were on the list field as Joceyln and Lutr circled, feinted, and strategized. There were no wasted blows striking shields; every shot was intended as a kill or a feint to open the opponent's defense. After several undecisive skirmishes, a brief flurry of blows brought the two Knights into close range. In that blur of swords, Lutr struck a blow to Jocelyn's off-side head or shoulder area, and she chivalrously took the shot and yielded the bout, the round, and the tourney.

Later, at Royal Court, Their Majesties Palymar and Aislinn presented the Tanist's Crown to Sir Lutr, who then claimed his right to crown Lady Tessa as Princess of the Middle Kingdom.

The "original article" link below goes to Justin's photo albums from the Tournament and the Royal Court. Thanks to Legio Draconis for making available the list of combatants and consorts, and to THL Milica for getting the original report online while Justin worked on getting the photos ready.

Also a video album

We've just learned that there is a video album of the finals on YouTube, posted by user "Dukex3":


The videographer had excellent vantage -- you can even hear the armour articulations move during the fight.

Thanks to Lady Ursula the Widow for sending the link.