Lutr and Tessa new heirs to the Middle Kingdom Publisher Maistor Justinos Tekton reports that Sir Lutr Ulfskjald, inspired by Lady Tessa of Wight, was the victor of the Midrealm Fall Crown Tourney, which took place October 20, 2007 in the Barony of the Middle Marches.

Sir Lutr defeated Sir Jocelyn le Jongleu, fighting for Sir Logan MacCoinnich of Kintail, in a best 2 out of 3 final round fought with sword and shield. Sir Lutr took the first bout, Sir Jocelyn the second, and Sir Lutr took the third for the Crown in combat that was extremely chivalrous.


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I'm still working to get the photos processed and uploaded to go with my detailed report. Mundania intruded -- this weekend also happened to be my weekend to install an application upgrade for one of my company's customers. Sorry for the delay.