SCAdians create "care packages" for West Kingdom soldiers

Elizabeth Margarete of the Principality of Cynagua in the West Kingdom is coordinating an effort to send care packages to those serving in the Armed Services in the Middle East.

Elizabeth Margarete writes:

We are getting ready to send out another bunch of care packages and banners to our Scadians serving in the Sandboxes or overseas in less than hospitable areas. If you know of or are a West Scadian serving in the military overseas, please email me offline so we can ensure they are not forgotten over the holidays and 12th Night.

Currently, we are making banners at Cynagua for the current group out. Please stop by the burgandy and blue pavilion and sign a greeting to our several friends or drop off goodies for a care package. While they have fairly decent PX supplies available now and conditions aren't as bad as they once were, they miss SCA and their families back home. Anything we can do to help them feel connected to us, the better their tours will be.

I know my Scadian family has always made me feel special, but when I was overseas, it was my Scadian family that made sure I was okay, met me at the airport when I came home or picked me up at the hotel when I arrived in a new station and took me in for Thanksgiving when I was alone in a new area. As a military Scadian, this is your life and to have the SCA anywhere in the Known World helps make your transitions softer and your connection to family stronger which means the world to someone when you are alone. I even wore my garb to a NATO Halloween Party!

Knowing that SCA was there at each station or tour I went on, even in Kosovo, for me just made my life richer. This is why I work in this realm between real world life and SCA. Please come out and help support those of our family who are now not with us physically, but left their hearts with us because we are their family.

We have sent over embroidery threads for lady scadians. We have sent over 12th Night baskets with treats common to 12th Night and not just "Christmas" baskets. We have sent over books, gum, candy and toys... We even got special permission to copy the DVD about the SCA to send to Scadians who show it to others in their area, who return home to their own areas and become SCA! Some lucky Scadians even got a whole illumination kit!!! One SCA Navy Doc even got a special medicinal kit "medieval style" with leeches, and bear claws to heal wounds (okay, they were gummy sharks and bears) Some Scadians are holding fighter practice using pels made out of scrap wood (where did that palet go?) and Duke Paul's internet site for fighting. They all ask for or wish for their kits... and most decide that is one of the first three things they want when they get home...

We even had one Scadian from another kingdom come to an event of ours to help him regain his perspective from PTSD he suffered while overseas. This was at the suggestion of his doctor! Some of you have welcomed these people home without even knowing the wonderous influence you had in their life by helping a young soldier or sailor come home...

So to those of you who have helped... I send you a huge thanks... to those of you who want to help... we have a banner and box to fill...

In service,
Elizabeth Margarete

(if you know of another Scadian NOT of the West, contact me as well so we can try to hook up Scadians from around the Known World with each other, even if it is just in transit.)

Yahoo groups for military support systems:

  • SCASandbox2003 a discussion group for those currently deployed and their families
  • SCA_Aegis for ALL military past and present at any point to make connections for transfering, retiring, tours, etc.

NOTE FROM ELIZABETH MARGARETE: "We do have non-family members on the Sandbox, but please note to all I screen them prior to accepting into the group. Usually they are family and friends of military and not just someone looking to get a hubby or learn about the SCA..."

She continues

We have been sending boxes out from all over the country up to and including a MAJOR sheet drop to some National Guards who showed up to camp without sheets for their beds... We sent nearly 150 sets of sheets out that way... Instead of Christmas boxes, we sent 12th night as it is AFTER christmas and all the traditional sweets sent from EVERYWHERE (and trust me - some of it gets dumped they have so much) that I suggest sending in non traditional times when things are generally more lean... like send a Hawaiian party complete with grass skirts in February or Christmas in July or 12th night or Beltane, if you get the drift... but being boys most of them anyway... they love toys, so we have sent over toys... but we have sent many a soldier/sailor/airman what they have asked for... and for some it was embroidery threads... another it was calligraphy... They can use the simple and easy t work with things, like chain mail or jewelry makings, embroidery, painting.. what can easily be stuffed into a small bag/box and stuffed away fro some relaxing down time and yet stay connected to SCA and by doing that ... stay connected to home...


What a wonderful idea. If only I had been part of the SCA back in '04 when I was in the SCA. Lady, you have inspired me to help out here in the Middle Kingdom. Thank you.

"We live in two worlds... the world into which we were born, and the otherworld that was born within us. Both may be a blessing or a curse. We choose."