Televised Expedition May Uncover Secret of Noah's Flood

Scientists, including Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard, plan to televise part of a two-week expedition to the Black Sea with hopes that they will discover Roman, Bronze Age or Byzantine artifacts, or even evidence of the Biblical flood. A team of scientists led by University of Pennsylvania professor Fredrik Hiebert and including oceanographer Robert Ballard, will undertake a two-week $5 million, expedition beginning July 27 to the Black Sea. There they hope to find evidence of a flood which took place 7,500 years ago and may prove to be the flood recorded in the Bible. Ballard plans to televise some of the underwater exploration.

Hiebert and his team are even more ambitious with their expectations. They know that traders used the Black Sea as a major waterway and hope that they will find the remains of lost ships dating from the Bronze Age, Roman era and Byzantine Empire. The Black Sea water is not oxigenated which might mean that artifacts could be well-preserved for millenia.

In any case, whatever secrets the Black Sea gives up will be fodder for scientific study for many years.

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