[OUT] Sir Berold's Southern Outlands Unbelted Tournament Series

The first two Unbelted Tournaments will be held at Nahrun Kabirun's SCA encampment at the DAAC Renaissance Arts & Crafts Faire to be held on the 3rd & 4th of November respectively.

The first Tournament of the series fought on Saturday the 3rd will be fought using Single Sword, on hand. If the on hand is struck, then the off hand may be utilized.

The second tourney of the series will be fought on Sunday the 4th using Single Handed Sword and Shield.

Both tournaments will be fought as Speed Lists with a 30 minute time limit. Each bout will take no longer than 1 minute. The victor holds the field. Wounds are cumulative. These are Speed Lists and no time will be used to rearm a fighter who has lost weapons. If time runs out on the bout, both entrants on the field will retire and two new entrants will take the field. Each tournament begins promptly at 10:00 AM on its respective day. If you plan to enter, be armored, inspected, and ready to go by 9:50 the morning of the Tournament. Marshals will be available for inspections. Bring your Green and Blue cards. I will not be performing authorizations before either Tournament.

The tournaments are to have continuous fighting. If you need to rest, then step out of line and do so but if at all possible, there should be fighting going on the entire 30 minutes of each tournament.

Please note the following information from His Lordship Corbin, who is in charge of the fighting on that weekend:

  1. Please have your armor in good repair, clean, and no duct tape. If you wear metal armor have it clean and as shinny as you can get it - understanding not everyone has a polisher to buff it to reflect sunlight. If it is cloth covered - please have tears repaired. Cover non-period armor materials (such as plastic armor) under a surcoat or such.

  2. Foot ware - no tennis shoes, however leather boots such as combat boots or work boots are sufficient as long as there is no big logos on them.

  3. Please have shields painted; if no device than a good solid color is fine and please have weapons freshly taped.

  4. No exposed mundane clothing such as jeans or tee shirts - solid colored sweats will suffice as a substitute.

  5. Mundane rapier mask are allowed -- just to clarify.

Below is the schedule for the fighting as pertains to tournaments and demos at the Faire.

10-10:30 Sir Berold's Speed List
10:30-11:00 Equestrian Games
11:45-12:15 Main Stage Heavy and Light Demo
1:30-2:00 Heavy Fighting Demo
2-2:30 Equestrian Games
4-4:30 Heavy Fighter Demo
4:30-5 Equestrian Games

10-10:30 Sir Berold's Speed List
10:30-11 Equestrian Games
12-12:30 Fighter Demo
12:30-1 Equestrian Games
1:45 -2:15 Main Stage Heavy and Light Demo
3-3:30 Equestrian Games
3:30-4 Heavy Demo

Directions to Young Park, site of the Faire;
Take your best route to I-25. Head towards Nahrun Kabirun (Las Cruces NM). Exit at Lomas and head west, away from the mountains. At Walnut St. (a traffic light intersection), turn south (left). This road will border the main parking lot on the eastern side of Young Park. We will be at the extreme western side of the park which can be more easily accessed by skirting the park by turning right onto Nevada from Walnut and then right on Lees from Nevada. Parking is catch as catch can.

If you are planning on attending these tournaments, please send your mundane name as soon as possible to Lady Tatiana at anubisgrrl@aol.com (yes, grrl, not girl) so that she may add you to the gate list to be admitted free of charge. Location:
DAAC Renaissance Arts & Crafts Faire (Las Cruces New Mexico)