Stefan's Florilegium updates for October 2007

THLord Stefan li Rous has posted updates to Stefan's Florilegium fort October 2007.

Greetings to the Gentle Folk of the Known World,

Here is a copy of my Florilegium article for October, telling what is new in the Florilegium this month.

Please accept my apologies for the late delivery of this article. I spent the first week of this month in the hospital with an infected leg and then spent the last few days backing up and rebuilding the file system on my computer because of a disk corruption.

As always I'm looking for good articles for the Florilegium. If you have written any papers for an A&S competition or even documentation which will stand alone without the actual display, I'd love to have them for the Florilegium. This is your chance to let folks across the Known World see what you have been working on, and perhaps to interest others in your favorite activity.

I am also putting together a "suggested articles" list. If you have an idea for an article which you'd like to read, but haven't seen anywhere, please let me know and I'll add it to this list and perhaps someone will get inspired and write such an article.



A Blending of the Past and Present

Over the past sixteen years in an ongoing effort, I have been collecting bits of useful information from various newsgroups, mail lists and articles submitted to me by their authors. In order to make this information available to others, I have placed this information in a series of files I call Stefan's Florilegium.

I am always interested in new articles. If you have written an article that would be of interest to others in the SCA, please send it to me for possible inclusion in the Florilegium. Contact me for more details.

I am also interested in volunteers who might be interested in helping me maintain the Florilegium. Everything from collecting materials, editing and web work is needed. Again, please contact me for more details.

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at

Here are the new files for this month:

In the ANIMALS section:

  • medieval-dogs-art - "Introduction to Dogs in Our Period" by Pavla de la Satu Mare.

In the FEASTS section:

  • servng-drinks-msg - Serving drinks and beverages at SCA feasts.

In the LIFE-STEPS section:

  • widows-msg - Widows and widowers in the Middle Ages.


  • olive-oil-msg - Olive oil in period. Uses. Processing.
  • Scentd-Oils-W-art - "Making Medieval Style Scented Oils & Waters" by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.

Here are some of the updated files.

  • bag-cooking-msg - Using plastic bags to warm pre-cooked foods at SCA events.
  • chestnuts-msg - Medieval harvesting and use of chestnuts. Roasting. Recipes.
  • child-wagons-msg - Wagons for hauling children at events.
  • decadence-msg - Decadent SCA camp sites.
  • larding-msg - Inserting fat into meat in period and today.
  • meat-aging-msg - The aging of meat to tenderize it in period and today.
  • mint-msg - The growing and use of mint in period.
  • molded-foods-msg - Period and modern molded foods. Molds.
  • Pennsic-water-msg - Dealing with the Pennsic drinking water.


Copyright 2007, Mark S. Harris.
Permission to reprint in SCA-related publications is hereby granted if the file descriptions are left unchanged. Removing any of the updated files listed in order to fit the article into limited publication space is allowed. The article introduction may also be edited, provided the web address and contact info are retained.


THLord Stefan li Rous
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Mark S. Harris
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