Pennsic Road Signs Discovered at Pennsylvania Flea Market

Eastrealmer Michel Wolffauer made a startling discovery recently at a Cedars, Pennsylvania (USA) flea market: Pennsic road signs. Anyone who has ever attended the Pennsic War will remember the wooden road signs that mark the many streets criss-crossing Coopers Lake Campground. Names such as "Street of Gold" and "Count Jehan's Bounty" should be as familiar as "Broadway" or "Main Street" to the avid Pennsic camper. Recently Michel Wolffauer, on a flea market run to Cedars, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia), hit paydirt when he discovered a cache of discarded signs.

On the East Kingdom list, Michel wrote:

"Quite a few dealers but nothing I was really interested in, at least not until I started down one of the last aisles. Sitting on the ground was a piece of wood painted red with the words 'Great Middle Hwy' stencilled on it in yellow. I thought, 'Weird! I wonder what that is from?' I look around and spot two more signs done the same way: 'Brewer's Road' and 'Causeway.'"

Considering this too much of a coincidence, Michel inquired about the signs and was informed that they had been purchased in Philadelphia. Further digging led to seven more including "Street of Gold" (blue on white) and "Cariadoc's Path". The signs were in good condition, complete with Pennsic dirt still intact.

Discussion on the East Kingdom list has revealed that a household in the Philadelphia area is constructing new signs for Pennsic which could explain the appearance of the "artifacts" in a mundane flea market.

Oh, and in case you are curious, Michel bought the signs.