Arts and Sciences at Estrella War XXIV

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan has announced that plans for A&S activities at the upcoming Estrella War XXIV are well underway.

Her Grace writes:

ARTS & SCIENCES at Estrella War XXIV!!

Coming to Estrella War XXIV, but don't fight in armor or shoot arrows? Do not worry - there's plenty for you to do! The Kingdom of Atenveldt believes that no SCA event is complete (even a medieval war), unless there are activities devoted to recreating, displaying, and learning about the pastimes and crafts of the Middle Ages. Here are three examples:

  1. COLLEGIUM (CLASSES): A full Collegium of Classes will be offered and open to all attendees at Estrella War. Classes are one or two hours long, and are scheduled from Wed, Feb 13th to Sun, Feb 17th. See the COLLEGIUM page of the website and the gatebook for a class schedule, including classes open for youth and children.

  2. ARTISAN'S SHOWCASE: An Artisan Showcase will be held on Sun, Feb 17th from 11:00 AM. to 2:00PM to provide a setting where artisans can sit with medieval style works they have completed or have in progress, and discuss those pieces with SCA Peers and populace from many SCA Kingdoms. The event is intended to invite questions, advice, commentary and interaction between Peers, populace and artisans in a relaxed, social environment, and is open to all artisans and attendees at Estrella War. Come display your work, or just come to see the wondrous work of artisans from around the Knowne World!

  3. ESTRELLA WAR ARTS & SCIENCES COMPETITION: The Principal Kingdoms at Estrella War XXIV will hold this annual competition on Sat, Feb 16th with entries in three categories defined in the Estrella War Treaty. This year's categories are: Tabletop Games, Embroidery in the Style of "Opus Anglicanum", and External Footwear. Competition rules and instructions for pre-registering entries registration required by Jan 12, 2008), are available on the ARTS & SCIENCES COMPETITION page of the website. Best of all, the entries will be available for viewing by the populace on Sat, Feb 16th from 3:00 PM (approx) until 5:00 PM. Whether you compete, or just want to see the works submitted, this is an event you should not miss!

As you attend Estrella War, you will see many living examples of Arts & Sciences. We invite you to visit the Period Encampment, to attend Grand Court, or stand on the viewing stands and watch the battlefield combat to see wonderful examples of recreated medieval costumes, heraldry, and armor. Check the SPECIAL EVENTS and SCHEDULES pages of the website for more Arts activities sponsored by various groups during the event.


  • INSTRUCTORS ARE NEEDED for Collegium classes. Please see the website for instructions on how to become an instructor. To get your class listed in the Estrella War XXIV Gatebook, your Instructor Registration must be RECEIVED no later than Jan 1, 2008.

  • RESERVE A TABLE at the Artisan's Showcase to display your work (see the ARTISAN'S SHOWCASE page of the website for instructions).

  • PRE-REGISTER YOUR ENTRIES in the Estrella War Arts & Sciences Competition no later than Jan 12, 2008! Downloadable and online pre-registration information for entries, and full information about rules for the competition are available on the website.

  • JUDGES ARE NEEDED for the Estrella War Arts & Sciences Competition! See the website for details on how to assist with Judging.

  • VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for setup and running the COLLEGIUM CLASSES, ARTISAN'S SHOWCASE and ARTS & SCIENCES COMPETITION (all the work at Estrella is done by Volunteers!). Please contact the coordinator of the activity, or the Volunteer Coordinator, if you wish to assist then at the event.

The Estrella War website ( has a wealth of information about the Estrella War XXIV to be held Feb 12 - 18, 2008 at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, AZ. If you're considering scheduling a winter vacation to attend the event next year, your planning should start with looking at the Estrella War website!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, OP
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Acting Kingdom Media Officer, Kingdom of Atenveldt
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