Caer Galen and Fontaine dans Sable Approved for Baronial Advancement

The Shire of Caer Galen and the Shire of Fontaine dans Sable, both located in the Kingdom of Outlands, have been approved by the SCA Board of Directors to become two new Baronies. Caer Galen is located in the vicinity of Boulder, Colorado (USA). Fontaine dans Sable is in and around Farmington, New Mexico (USA). In making the announcement, THL Roland O'Rourke, Acting Kingdom Seneschal of Outlands, writes:

Unto the good gentles of the Outlands, does The Honorable Lord Roland O'Rourke, Keeper of the Kingdom Calendar/Acting Kingdom Seneschal, bid you all greetings.

I just wanted to inform you that I've received confirmation from the BoD that Caer Galen's request to change their status from Shire to Barony, has been approved. Congratulations to everyone involved! I look forward to seeing the Caer Galen populace of the soon-to-be Barony, at tonight's Baronial Polling.

In regards to the Shire of Fontaine's same request, though I've heard word "through the grapevine", I hope to have confirmation from the BoD, later this afternoon or by tomorrow morning.

In service to the Outlands and The Dream,

THL Roland O'Rourke
Keeper of the Kingdom Calendar/Acting Kingdom Seneschal

The confirmation of Fontaine dans Sable's advancement was confirmed in a later missive posted to the same list.

The Kingdom of Outlands is linked from above. Here are the URLs of the two soon-to-be Baronies:

Caer Galen:
Fontain dans Sable:

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