Midrealm Silent Heralds Seeking Volunteers

Roaring Wastes: Lady Cecilia Bartoletti is seeking gentles interested in acting as sign language interpretors for the Silent Herald program. Lady Cecilia writes:

Good Gentles, Humble Greetings,

Forgive me for contacting you without a proper introduction. My name is Lady Cecilia Bartoletti, a humble lacemaker from the Canton of Gleann Iaruinn. I am also a part of a group inside our fair kingdom, working to organize and train Silent Heralds/sign language interpretors, to serve in our courts. It is our hope that one day very soon, there will not be an event in our kingdom that does not have at least one Silent Herald there to help out.

We are looking for people who have any knowledge of American Sign Language, and are interested in serving. We are also looking for people who do not have particular knowledge of the language, but are willing to make the effort to learn. The service will not require a lot of travel; we're organizing each region independently of the others, so that nobody will have to travel outside their own area, or to overstress their own funds.

Would you be so good as to make an announcement to your group at your next meeting? Or forward this letter to your group's email server, if you have such a service? Tell them also, that any person who is interested, has questions, or needs the service themselves, can contact me at the address and phone number listed below. I am the Coordinator for the Silent Herald group. Or they can check the yahoogroup also listed there, and we hope to have a webpage soon.

Thank you so very much for your time, and I appreciate any help you can give us.

Your obedient servant,

Lady Cecilia Bartoletti
MKA June. A. Swinford
Yahoo group: Midrealm Silent Heralds

Lady Cecilia wishes all gentles of the Known World to know that while this is a Middle Kingdom project, she would welcome questions and volunteers from any of the Kingdoms. For more information on how to become a Silent Herald or promote the use of SCA-specific sign language, please contact Lady Cecilia at the address above or visit the website by clicking on the header.