[WES] Cynagua Fall Coronet

Their Highnesses of Cynagua, Dregel and Bronwen, invite one and all to witness the choosing of Their successors! Do you want to come to a site where there are no city lights, no close neighbors, no factories, no car races and no boom boxes? Then come to Cynagua Fall Coronet at the Camelot Equestrian Park located between Chico and Oroville, which we will be using this site for its first time.

Are you new the SCA or know someone new? Come one, come all, to the Newcomer's Forum at the Evenstar Keep Sunshade at 1:00 pm, Saturday.

Site information:
Camelot Equestrian Park located between Chico and Oroville http://camelotequestrianpark.com/map.html

Site opens at 12 noon Friday the 26th
Site closes at 5 PM Sunday the 28th

Site Fee:
$12 for adult members
$15 for non-members
$6.00 for children 5-10
children under 5 free

Although there is water on site for horses and animals, there is NO potable water for people, so please BRING your own drinking water. All dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. Kingdom fire rules will be in effect. There is a small shop-mart/gas station about one mile from the site and a Wal-Mart in nearby Oroville.

RV's are welcome but there are no hookups.

This site has lots of cottonwood trees for shade and plenty of space for camping.

Event Information:
Equestrian participants:
There is one large corral and about 15 to 20 portable corrals (12x12). Charges for the Corrals are $20 per horse for the weekend. Bring your own feed. There is a large open arena and the equestrians will be allowed to ride trails on about 1250 acres of open land.

Equestrian autocrat:
Viscount Richard de Camville

Archery Participants:
Target archery is planned to take place.

Principality Competitions:
Arts: Cordials & Liquors
Sciences: Accessorizing Your Wardrobe with Pewter Casting
Copper Spoon: Sausages

Merchants will be allowed in at 11:00am Friday. A merchant fee of $10 is to be paid at gate. NO FOOD MERCHANTS are allowed at this event this year due to constraints on the owner's permits.

Sir Gerstan Heah Leah

*From Highway 99* Travel approx. 8 miles south of Chico CA Take Durham Pence road toward Butte College (East). Go about 6-1/2 miles to Clark Road (4-way stop) Turn right and go 1-1/4 miles to the entrance of the site. *From Highway 70* Travel approx. 10 miles East of Oroville Turn on Clark road Go 1 1/4 miles to the entrance.

http://westkingdom.org/calendar/2007CynaguaFallCoronet.html Location:
Barony of Rivenoak (Chico, California)