Elizabeth: The Golden Age - An SCA review

THL Charles de Bourbon recently attended a showing of the new film Elizabeth: The Golden Age. He shares his review.

His Lordship writes:

So, I went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age this evenning with a couple of other SCA folks, despite the wretched reviews that the movie has been receiving from the critics at large. The movie is being lambasted left and right in the media for it's overraught and overripe production, but don't let that deter you from making the journey to see it.

Yes, Shakar Kapur mangled history more so in this one than he did in the original Elizabeth, but when you only have two hours to take on Sir Walter Raliegh, the defeat of the Spanish Armada, AND the death sentence of Mary Queen of Scotts...history had to be rewritten somewhat...OK, it had to be rewritten alot!

I love lavishly produced period pieces with lots of stunning costuming, and this met and exceeded my expectations. Though the costuming from a historical authenticity standpoint was only slightly better than the first Elizabeth, which is to say...um, not so very accurate. But if you are not an Elizabethan costuming nut, then the costuming is gorgeous...and it did give me some ideas for some things I want to try. But from a costume standpoint this was no Elizabeth R!

Cate Blanchet was as always superb, as is to be expected from everything else she has done.

I thought the score was wonderful, as opposed to every critic who felt it was too blunt and overpowering...I didn't have a problem with it so much. I probably will even purchase it if i should happen to run across it at Wally-World.

I would give this piece of advice to those who are contemplating on going to see the movie: expect lots of elaborate costuming, sexual tension, mangled history (but with the best of intentions)and an over the top score...this is not a piece one can go into expecting historical authenticity. Since I didn't go in expecting anything other than to be entertained,I wasn't disappointed. The movie could have had a few less Raliegh/ Elizabeth "stolen moments" and replaced it with more court intrigue, but that is my only real beef. That, and Mary Queen of Scotts had a Scottish accent..Ach Laddie, she was brought up in the French courts...puhleeeeeeze, everyone knows that :-)

Overall there was a nice mixture of romance, drama, action, costuming, intrigue and history to keep the average SCAer interested. On a scale of 1-10, I give Elizabeth: The Golden Age a 7.

Anyway, just my thoughts from having just returned from seeing the movie. I recommend the paying price of a ticket to go see it in the theatre.

Chas de Bourbon