Instant Viking Kit

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your little raider? Consider Viking Age Vessels' Instant Viking Kit which features the essential for any Viking expedition: seachest, knife, belt, jewelry and garb.

According to the company website, the US$300 kit includes:

  • Chest
  • Hand made knife
  • Belt axe
  • Leather drawstring belt pouch
  • Flint and steel striker of Viking design
  • Brass pennanular brooch
  • Dinnerware
  • Small split wood basket
  • Completely hand stitched linen tunic (blue)
  • Light tan drawstring pants
  • Wool hood based on the Orkney hood
  • Peaked hat: wool with fur trim
  • Wool cap with mink fur trim
  • Lightweight rectangular cape

All items should be SCA respectable. Photos and complete descriptions available on the website.