[DRA] Knick Knack

The Shire of Polderslot likes to invite you all to our yearly Knick Knack event. But be aware! We've heard rumors that Knick Knack will be invaded by the Vikings this year! So, go fetch your bull's horn and your bead necklace and come in your best Viking outfit to our lovely Shire of Polderslot.

The vikings are best known for their battles, so a Viking event wouldn't be a Viking event whitout a fighting contest to find out who is the bravest, strongest and most resourcefull fighter in the kingdom! BUT, as we will build some mythical element into this contest, this will not be your ordinary everyday fighting contest.

And of course a contest wouldn't be very contesty if there weren't some great prices to win.

So all fighters who like a special challenge come to this Viking Knick Knack and bring your armor and weapons. And of course your families because there will be much more to do than only figthing.

For those of us who are less inclined to fight our battles on the cold and bloody battle field there will be a battle of the mind. We will have a tournament of games the Vikings liked to play, such as, of course, Hnefatafl but also Halatafl, Dablot Prejesse and maybe more. Of course there will be prices to win there as well.

Also there will be materials available to make your own gameboard, so you can practise some more at home.

If you've always wanted to learn how the vikings kept their feet warm in their icy cold winters, now is the chance to learn! Their will be a workshop naalbinding, a very old technique the vikings used to 'knit' their socks, hats or mittens.

The event will include breakfast (sat and sun), lunch and feast and on Friday evening there will be hot soup and some bread.

Kampeerboerderij Ons Thuis. The address is Oostappensedijk 32, 5724PM in Ommel. Site is open from 5pm Friday till 1pm Sunday. There are around 60 beds, you have to bring your own sheets and sleeping bag. Furthermore there is a lot of crash space and also the possibility to camp outside.

The event fee
is 32 Euro (including soup on Friday, breakfast on both days and lunch and feast on Saturday)
Children from 4 to 12 will be 20 Euro
children till 4 will be 8,00 Euro per night unless they still sleep in a child's crib, then they are free
Day trippers will be 16 Euro
Children (4-12) day trippers will be 5 euro

Directions to the site
From the west: get unto the A67 from Eindhoven toward Venlo. Take exit 36 to Asten, Meijel, Deurne. Go straight onto the roundabout at the bottom of the exit. Take the fourth exit towards Deurne. Continue from * below. From the east: get onto the A 67 from Venlo towards Eindhoven. Take exit 36 towards Asten, Helmond. Get onto the roundabout at the bottom of the exit, and get off at the first exit, towards Deurne. Continue from * below.

* At the first roundabout in this road (this is after ca 1.8 Km) take it for ¾, towards Ommel. Follow this road through Ommel. Just after the town and just before the road goes under the highway (Where the 30Km zone ends, -after ca 1.2 km), turn right unto Kranevenseweg. Follow this road; go straight across the first crossroad and past two large camping sites. In the woods, after an Z-curve, turn right unto the driveway tot the campsite (2.1 km from the previous mark point) - this is the left branch of the road, it has a dead end sign and a sign " Kampeerboerderij Ons Thuis" if you get out of the forest and pass a farm you have gone too far.

Event Stewards
Reservation Steward: Bertrik van Triecht knickknack@bertrick.nl.
Please reserve before October 22th (reserve online at: http://www.bertrick.nl/knickknack.html).

Stewards: Sanne van der Laan steward.knickknack@xs4all.nl

Head Cook: Regina Bokel. If you have any food restrictions let us know.

http://www.bertrick.nl/kk2007.html Location:
Shire of Polderslot (Ommel, Netherlands)