Thousandth Story Posted

Almost exactly one year after its founding, passes a major milestone: the 1000th news article has been published. went online August 4, 2002. Since that time, one thousand news articles have scrolled their way along the newswire.

Here are some statistics you might find interesting, just for fun (all numbers approximate):

  • Total number of stories: 1000
  • Number of clicks from main page into a story: 41200
  • Number of clicks from our synopsis to full story on another site: 13200
  • Percentage of time people follow an outward link, when available: 45.5%
  • Personal accounts created: 104
  • Total page views in a browser, for the whole site: 88000
  • Total amount of data downloaded from the server: 3.15 gigabytes

Interested in more statistics, such as our most popular stories or which reporters contributed the most? Visit our new Hall of Fame page: .

We would like to thank our partner sites and those that run our newswire, as well as those who link to our home page. Most of all, however, thanks the volunteer reporters who provide us with fresh and interesting content from the world of medieval re-creation and real-world historical research.