Artemisia Fall 2007 Crown Combatant List

Baroness Juliana, Seneschal for the Kingdom of Artemisia, has announced the list of combatants and consorts for the upcoming Crown Tournament which will take place October 13-14, 2007.

Her Excellency writes:

Please find the roll of combatants for Crown List. This is not a list of seeds or pairings, it's just a list.

Pairings and tournament specifics will be announced the morning of the Lists.

If you are a combatant and NOT on this list you need to contact me (Kingdom Seneschal) ..NOW.


Baroness Juliana
Kingdom Seneschal

Combatants and Consorts for Crown List:

  1. HL Hauk McLean & Baroness Katya in Raudhara
  2. THL Jamukha Batu & THL Tamar Black Sea
  3. Lord William the Dragon Hearted & Lady Johanne Kathrijin die Waeyer
  4. Duke Reinmar Wolfmeir & Duchess Albreda Wolfkeeper
  5. Countess Sati al-Isfahani & Count Michael O'Brien
  6. Lord Vigabrand & Lady Sera McKelly
  7. Count Morgan d'Antioche & Countess Esabell Grant
  8. Viscount Thomas the Diminutive & Viscountess Adria of the Crosswinds
  9. Sir Hrothgar Hrothgarson & Dame Bronwen of Irenwold
  10. THL Vidar Bowbreaker & THL Ellisif Sleggja
  11. Master Azir de Lucera & Lady Gwynnth
  12. Lord Wendell "the Badger" Weller & THL Hannah Isabel Lowery
  13. Lord Raven Macleod & Lady Sajah al-Shiraziyyah
  14. Baron Landolf Witkowski & Baroness Rebecca Chadderton
  15. Lord Brian Barnum & Lady Annabella Graham
  16. Lord David of the Crosswinds & Lady Jade
  17. Khan Timmur Jochan Bahadur & Countess Tianna NiCoimin
  18. Lord Ronan ta Rantalahti and Lady Clare De Lacy
  19. Mistress Kelwyn Ratslayer and HE Sir Richard of Annesley
  20. Master Thomas de Beaumont & Viscountess Courtney Cesaria Almy
  21. Lord Daniel the Blind & Lady Sunderna
  22. Svien Hammar and Lady Giovanna
  23. Lord Roger de Palmero & Baroness Antoinette de la Bette
  24. Master Bartholomew Hightower & Lady Rowan
  25. Lord Bowen the Black and Lady Hawk Rivenoak
  26. Pan Seigmund Geirolnir & Lady Catlin Elizabeth Cherdean