Mobile Renaissance Faire invites SCA participation

BlackAdder has announced that SCA members are invited to attend the Mobile Renaissance Faire November 17-18, 2007 in Mobile, Alabama. SCA members in garb may attend for free with a valid membership card, and merchants are offered a discount on vending fees.

BlackAdder writes:

On November 17-18, 2007, from 10am to 5 pm each day at the Mobile Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds, 1035 N. Cody Rd, Mobile, Alabama, 36608, the 6th annual Mobile Renaissance Faire will be held.

All SCA members are invited to attend for FREE as long as 1. Arrive in garb and remain so for the day and 2. Present a valid SCA identification card at the ticket booth.

All SCA merchant members get 50% off merchanting/vending fees.

For more information, email BlackAdder at or respond to this posting or see the website (click "original article" below), or call toll free 877 429 8462

SCA demos of heavy weapons, rapier and youth combat shall be held. SCA may run games to raise money for their respective groups.Please contact Lord Joselito of Shire Arenal regarding games. A fighting Tourney with prizes has been proposed, please contact Lord Sanzio of Shire Arenal for more info regarding proposed Tournament. SCA may set up membership booth to solicit new members.

The event draws approximately 5000 persons for the weekend.

Acts this year include the Knights of Valour-Full contact Jousting, The Daring Douglasses (fire breathing), Otto the Sword Swallower, Faire Wynds (magic and more), The Windy City Wizard (magic and illusion), The Attack of the Pirates, SCA Combat Demos, Winged Ambassadors FALCONRY, Mobile's Own THE ZURI DANCE TROUPE (Middle Eastern Dance), Normans of the Southern Sun (medieval Norman encampment and theatrical swordplay demo) Babin Puppetry, Phoenix Swords (Theatrical Swordplay), Saraab (Middle Eastern Dance) Shakespeares Wagon, Michelles Magical Poodles, Labyrinthe (Gypsy Dance and Live Music), The Gypsy Chicks (Middle Eastern Dance), Lucidian (Ren Music), Good Neighbors All (Ren Music), Tribal Heart (middle eastern dance), Iochin the Minstrel, Asiago the Stilt Walking Marvel, Salle McAfee Kings Guard (Rapier Demos), Tommy the Jester, PLT Shakespearean Theatre, Odon Sotorias (Medieval bagpiper), Sandra Takara Miller (Belly Dance), Statue Viva the Living Greek goddess, Blacksmith Demos and much more!

There will be food and drink, games, rides and much more!

Please come out and eat, drink and be merry!