East Kingdom to Fete Teens at Pennsic

Lady Ardenia ARuadh, coordinator of The Pennsic Teen Party, is in need of volunteers to help with supplies, chaperoning, and entertainment. Lady Ardenia writes:

Greetings Unto All!

I am Lady Ardenia ARuadh coordinator of The Pennsic Teen Party, to be hosted in EK Royal. With the blessing of Their gracious Majesties Darius and Roxane, I have begun the plotting and planning for a Teen Party on Monday evening of War Week from 8pm - 10:30pm. This party will be open to all teens (13-17 yrs old) at Pennsic.

To this end, the following supplies and labors would be greatly appreciated:

  1. Volunteers to chaperone (even a one-hour shift would be great)
  2. Volunteers to entertain/present mini workshops... if you have a skill that you would be willing to teach or demonstrate informally, this could be a venue to hook teen interest
  3. Volunteers for set-up and clean-up
  4. Volunteers to escort unclaimed youngsters home after 10:45 (those youth not claimed by party's close will be drafted as clean-up assistance, and then escorted as needed). As per the chair of Pennsic children's activities, no minor (under 18) should be out after dark unescorted by an adult. Thus, I will be posting that all teens need to be claimed by an adult if they leave after dark.
  5. Donations of or towards munchies/beverages

I am trying to limit beverages to canned soda, juice boxes, or "teeny" drinks.

Cookies, chips, pretzels

If you have questions or would like to help, please contact me at Wildecelery@aol.com

In Service to The Dream,
Lady Ardenia ARuadh
Apprentice to Countess Mistress Baroness Morgan Duval