[LOC] Politarchopolis Baronial Championships and Feast

Their Majesties Hugh and Terasa, King and Queen of Lochac will soon journey to the Barony of Politarchopolis. Pray gather and prepare for Their Majesties will attend the tourneys, contests and celebrations of the inaugural Politarchopolis Spring Baronial Championship.

Come join the pageantry, test your skill at arms, archery or the gentler arts. From among the contestants and combatants Their Excellencies Alessandro and Isobel will choose Baronial Champions and Baroness' Champions from amongst the most worthy nobles. The new Champions will be announced and past champions will be honoured in a sumptuous feast that same evening. On the morrow gather in the springtime morning and see the finest archers in the Kingdom vie for prizes in a Royal Round and a Kings Round in honour of Their Majesties.

Activities will include tourneys in armoured and rapier combat, competitions in the gentler arts and sciences, dancing & singing, a contest of archery, a boffer tourney and children's quest.

A&S competitions:
Make something for the Baronial Bits Box;
Newcomers' Challenge - create something useful for yourself;
Cooks' Challenge - make some bread, or something out of bread;
Scribes Challenge - an Illuminated capital.

When: Saturday 27th of October 2007
- Amoured lists open at 11 am, Fencing lists open at 2 pm
- Hall opens at 5 pm, Feast is served from 6 pm

Sunday 28th of October 2007
- Archery list opens at 10 am

Tourneys Eddison Park, Justinian Street, Phillip
Feast Hughes Community Hall, Wisdom St Hughes
Archery Tuggeranong Archery Club, Soward Way Tuggeranong

Cost: Full weekend $25 members, $30 non-members Day rate $5 Feast only $20 members, $25.non-members Children 6-16 $10, under 6 free

Bookings: Alessandro and Isobel, Baron and Baroness Politarchopolis politarchopolis et sca dot org dot au (Bookings close 23 October)

Feast Lady Jehanne Bonifacio
Tourneys Duke Sir Cornelius von Becke
A & S Catherine of Glastonbury
Archery Lord Lorcan Ruadh Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Phillip, ACT)