[DRA] 12th Night Coronation

The 30th Coronation of Drachenwald's new King and Queen will be held in Nordmark.

The Shire of Gotvik bids the populace of Drachenwald a warm welcome to celebrate 12th Night Coronation!

The event will be held in Munktorp's communal house west of Västerås in Sweden.

The site is partially handicap accessible (need to do a check on site to verify) The feast (and court) hall has a ramp and everything usually needed to make it handicap accessible. To get into the gym hall there are two sets of stairs. To get to the showers there are one set of stairs. The crash space building with royal room should be handicap accessible, it is on the ground floor...

http://kronjan2008.zoomin.se/index.html?norefresh=1192046597 Location:
Shire of Gotvik (Västerås, Sweden)