Festivus Legionus

The Legio V Alaudae (based in Knoxville, TN) is holding a recruiting & demonstration event in conjunction with Austin Peay State University and Nova Roma on Friday, October 12, and Saturday, October 13. For any SCAdians in the area who have ever wanted to be involved in Roman re-enacting, this is a good event to attend.

You are invited to take part in the FESTIVAL OF THE LEGION!

Hosted by the Fifth Legion Alaudae and Austin Peay State University, The festival will be on the Austin Peay campus Oct. 12-13. The event will be open to the public Friday and Saturday (12-13) with available setup and take down days on Thursday Oct. 11 and Sunday Oct.14.

The event site is a fenced-in soccer field on campus, located on the corner of Drane St and Marion St. It has lights for setting up at night if need be.

What's Going to Happen?
The Fifth Legion will be setting up camp to show the students of Austin Peay, and the people of Clarksville the glory that was Rome. This event is not only aimed at informing the public, but to recruit members for the new group in Clarksville. As of now it appears we may have several school groups coming from local public schools as well.

The event will include the always-open Legionary encampment, drill and weapons demonstrations, kids cohort, Gladiatorial Games, demonstrations by the Austin Peay history club and local junior Classical league, and Whatever else we can fit in!! If you would like to participate as a vendor or reenactor please e-mail the centurion at legiov@utk.edu. Gladiators, civilian reenactors, and everything Roman is wanted and needed! If you are willing to put on or help with a demonstration please let us know!!

A certain number of participants may camp on-sight in period tents. Because of insurance purposes not all participants can stay on site. Most of our participants will be sleeping at another camp site in Clarksville for free and be shuttled to the site. A few will remain on site at night to guard the equipment. Location:
Legio V Alaudae (Knoxville, Tennessee)