[DRA] Garden of Earthly Delights and Baronial Revelry

Let it be known that on the twenty-third of February, there will be a Faire to celebrate the arts and artisanal crafts, and this faire will be held in the lord baron's holding known by many as the Pfaelzer Schloss. The lord Baron will be there to welcome all and sundry to this demesne, but especially those who wish to share their and display their myriad woorkes.

After the day of sharing and learning, there will be a revelry--- games, laughter and dancing in the customary fashion! The lord Alexander declares that there shall also be a feast and that all who wish to participate bring some edible bounty to share with all, that we may have an even grander feast. Said festivities shall begin near the middle of the day, that all may have time to make the journey, and of course guests are welcome to slumber in the Great Hall should they have imbibed too much wine or should it become too late to make the journey home!

Faire: This is a day to display your works, whether finished or not, to share your knowledge. We are not only looking for perfection--- we want beginner level work, all the way to master works! No competition, only sharing and learning. Artisans will sit with their projects, working on an unfinished one, etc., and people can admire, examine, inquire about them, etc. (Artisans may also, of course, get up and examine other people=92s work). No formal classes. If a spontaneous class breaks out, wonderful!

Feast: Potluck, please bring a dish to share, preferably medieval or medieval-oid (i.e. potato chips are right out). For online recipes, see: http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/cariadoc/recipe_toc.html

Documentation, of course, not necessary, but a listing of ingredients would be nice for dietary reasons. There is a kitchenette with sinks, refrigerator and counter space, but no stove or oven on site. You can bring your own hot-plate if you wish to warm something up.

Dancing: No experience necessary, all dances will be taught!

Site opens: Saturday, February 23, 12pm. Site closes: Sunday, February 24, noon. 100 person site limit.

Crash space: (limitedly) Available at private homes on Friday night before; on site Saturday night. Bring Own Bedding. No showers on site.

Event/Reservations Steward: Judith de Northumbria (mka Rachel Lorenz), judithsca at aol com

Site: Pfaelzer Schloss, Pf=E4lzer Gasse 16, Gross-Umstadt D-64823

For pictures visit: http://www.frank66furt.de/burgen/64/64823pfalz.JPG

Cost: 7 EUR per person. Location:
Barony of Meadowmarsch (Gross Umstadt, Germany)