An interview with ex-Python and scholar Terry Jones

Colin Covert interviews Terry Jones, Monty Python alum and medieval scholar for the Star-Tribune about Chaucer book, and his BBC television series.

From the interview:

Q. How has your study of the distant past affected your thinking about our present and future?

A. I think my reading of the Middle Ages made me more politically conscious. I see the same people seeking power, and using the same techniques to keep power, whether it be propaganda, media control or religion. The one thing that is certain is that people don't change and the same untruths and reasons for going to war, for example, prevail now as they always did. In the late 14th century, Richard II tried to establish peace with France, but this flew in the face of the interests of those barons who made their money out of warfare, and who were adamantly opposed to Richard and who, in the end, managed to depose and murder him so that they could carry on making money despite the bloodshed and destruction. Nothing changes.

Jones was the featured speaker recently at Augsburg College to benefit Medieval Minnesota, a summer camp at Augsburg for students ages 14 to 17.