Barony of Seleone Recounts History of Southern Meridies

For over 10 years Baron Finn Normansson of the Barony of Seleone has been regaling the locals with tales of his SCA career and the growth of the SCA along the Gulf Coast. Now his tales are compiled online in the Library of Seleone. An excerpt from The Vintage Tales of the Viking Vineyard, Sir Futz-Wutzits Wife January 2002:

I am fond of telling people that in our marriage, Isolde is the social unit while I am in charge of logistics and transportation. What this means is that I get us to the event and back, and I am in charge of loading and unloading the vehicle. Once we are there, Isolde meets and networks with the other gentles of the kingdom while I generally keep a low profile. This works well for the both of us but it has one disadvantage, frequently we have conversations that go like this ....

You'll just have to read the rest online! The direct link to this story is:

The collection includes several dozen stories from the Barony on a beautifully illuminated web page.