[MID] Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament

The Barony of the Middle Marches is pleased to invite all gentles to The Crown Tournament of Palymar and Aislinn.

October 20, 2007, A.S. 42 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Aladdin Shrine Center
3850 Stelzer Road
Columbus, Ohio 43219

Site fees: $10.00 per gentle over age 12, $5.00 for children 6-12, Free for babes in arms Family fee maximum is $30.00 (does NOT include the $3.00 per person non-member surcharge, if applicable)

The Shrine Center
The Aladdin Shrine Center is fully handicapped accessible, non-smoking, catered facility on the northeast side of Columbus, Ohio that can host up to 3000 people, with parking for 650 vehicles. The auditorium has four levels, with railings in between. The outside level has a lower ceiling, and pillars. Each level is wide enough for a round table for 6 people and a walkway. The central area of the parquet floor is 40 by 100 feet. The main lobby has camels painted on the wall. The Ladies’ restroom has 16 stalls and a carpeted lounge area about 12 by 12 feet with chairs. The Gentlemen’s restroom has 8 stalls and no lounge. There are no showers on site.

The site is less than 3 minutes away from Easton Town Center, a major shopping, restaurant and hotel area. There are more 20 restaurants ranging from McDonald’s to fine dining at $70.00 a plate within a fifteen minute drive. There are also more than 50 hotels within 15 miles.

Due to the Ohio State University's Homecoming football game, and the American Quarterhorse Congress, there are no hotel rooms left at Easton. (These events were not scheduled when the bid was submitted.) Hotels are still available close by, near the Port Columbus International Airport.


  • During the day, a Craftperson’s Faire will be set up. Please contact Baroness Anastasiia for more information.

  • Youth Craftperson's Faire

  • Middle Marches Baronial Investiture

  • There will be a performance from I Scandali before Court.

  • We plan on having DANCING on the main floor after the Tournament and before Court. headed by Baroness Una and Lady Felice.

  • Please bring your period games, such as Nine Man’s Morris, or Chess, so that we can share in the slightly quieter pursuits.

The Children’s Activities will be set up in the main hall. Parents are encouraged to help. There will be organized Children’s Activities by Lady Isllin Teague. Sandy.Walden@yahoo.com Page School Activities are also planned.

Feast will be provided by Catering by Design, with Mistress Gwyneth Banfidhleir as Feast Liaison. (Ginny Claphan at mizginny@yahoo.com) Lunch will be a buffet sideboard with a variety of selections for $8.00. Lunch will be available for purchase the day of the event. Beverage service is included with the lunch fee. You do not need to bring feast gear, as plates and such will be provided, but you may use yours if you choose to do so.

Feast will be one of three main entrée choices of Roast Pork, Chicken in Tarragon Bechamel Sauce or Pasta Primavera for $20.00. Please include your choice with your reservation.

This is a DRY site, as all alcoholic beverages must be provided by the caterer.

Because of the late addition of the Baronial Investiture to the list of activities, reservations for feast have been extended to Monday, October 8th. Reservatins can be made by email and paid by the day of the event.

Due to the site requirements, NO FOOD may be brought into the building. They have agreed to Cheerios for small children, but nothing much larger. Those gentles with dietary restrictions are asked to be discreet. There have been a number of inquires about the food restrictions at the site. The key idea is to be descreet. If you must have your carbonated, caffeinated beverage, pour it into a mug, and take the can out with you when you go. If the site does not find fast-food bags in the trash, or see whole tables of food sitting out during the day, you should be able all right.

There will be no extra fees for merchants. We will provide a minimum of one table and two chairs (or the equalivant space) per merchant. We will provide a maximum of of four tables and twenty chairs per merchant. Electricity is available. We will provide a “Brute Squad” to help you set up in the morning and pack in the evening. We will also provide one table and two chairs. Contact Master Sean if you need Brute Squad help

The times listed here are only a preliminary guide, of course. All times and activities are subject to the desires of the Crown. Please check the day of the event for better guesses.

9:00AM Site opens
10:00AM Procession of combatants and the tournament begins
12:00PM Lunch is available until 2:00
2:00PM Tournament is complete. Royalty begins meetings. Populace enjoys dancing, crafts, shopping and games.
TBD I Scandali performs
5:00PM Court
7:00PM Feast
11:00PM Site closes

Event Steward: Baroness Anna of the Western Hill AnnaWHill@aol.com
Reservations: Lord Gregor MacCrae Gregor@McCrae.info Make checks payable to SCA-Middle Marches
Deputy Event Steward: Lady Halla of Mugmort pooklaroux (at) yahoo (dot) com
Merchant Liaison: Lady Elo de Luna ElodeLuna@yahoo.com
Craftperson’s Faire Coordinator: Voevoda Anastasiia Kyrilovna Ivanova at moas@midrealm.org
Feast Liaison: Mistress Gwyneth Banfidhleir mizginny@yahoo.com
Children’s Activities: Lady Isllin Teague SandyWalden@yahoo.com
Crash Space Coordinator: Lady Maggie O’Donnell madkelt104@yahoo.com
Brute Squad: Master Sean O’Shaughnessy thughes@donet.com
Web Site: Lord Gwalachmai ap Bledig jneedles@gmail.com

From all points, go to I-270 on the north east corner of Columbus. (This is east of I-71 and north of I-70.) Take exit 33, which is Easton Way. At the first light, turn right onto Stelzer Road. Turn right into the parking lot. The Shrine Center is less than one mile from the freeway. The location shows up correctly on several mapping web sites. Location:
Barony of the Middle Marches (Columbus, Ohio)