Lady Goosealot

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting... well, you know. Looking for the perfect SCAdian gift this Christmas? Consider Goose Clothes Galore's Lady Goosealot, "the height of 14th century fashion."

Seriously, the company has an outfit for "24-27 inch plastic or cement" geese, complete with a "high-waisted V-necked dress and tall hennin with a veil. She carries a tussie-mussie to ward off the bad spirits that cause illness."

A must have for any serious SCAdian! (Goose not included)

Thanks, Baroness Catriona, for keeping us apprised of the latest in goose fashions.

Lady Gosealot has a Lord!

Just in case you were concerned that Lady Goosealot has no swan, lord, to protect her from villians, there is also a Sir Goosealot! Baroness Catriona ;-)

Lady Goosealot

Cute, but the text needs to be edited- the outfit on the goose shown is not 14th c., but 15th, and late 15th at that...