Medieval manners and courtesy links

Genevieve la flechiere, of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, shares her research regarding medieval table manners and courtesy through a series of weblinks.

Genevieve writes:

While googling for information about medieval table manners and courtesy, I stumbled across a tremendous resource of scanned, out-of-copyright books on the topic.

ly English meals and manners : with some forewords on education in Early England (1868)
or: Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910
y English Text Society *

Boke of curtasye, an English poem of the fourteenth century (1841)
ncludes a poem on the science of 14thc. cookery, 'Liber Cocorum'.
or: Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. (James Orchard), 1820-1889

A Fifteenth-century courtesy book (1914)
...includes two 15th c. Franciscan rules
Author: British Library. Manuscript. Additional 37969 (Early English Text Society)

English courtesy literature before 1557 (1919)
Author: Millett, Fred Benjamin, 1890-
'Bulletin of the depts of History and Political and Economic Science in Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada' (very short, only 16 pages)




* Victorian England had a strong academic and popular interest in the middle ages. The Early English Text Society was one group of 19th c. academics who printed and published medieval texts - some of them crumbling even as they were handled 100-150 years ago. Their original purpose was to support research for the OED.

They put a great deal of original text within reach of students and ordinary readers, who otherwise would never get to read it.

Here's a blurb about them:

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