Known World Poetic Challenge to Take Place at Pennsic War

Poets of the Known World are encouraged to participate in the Known World Poetic Challenge, which will take place at this year's Pennsic War. Master Thomas Broadpaunch, Poeta Atlantiae writes:

To the Poets, Bards, Versifiers, and literati of the Known World, and Anyone Else who Cares, greetings from the slothful, eremitic, orthographically challenged, and delinquent of duty Poeta Atlantiae, Master Thomas Broadpaunch.

The details of the Known World Poetry Competition have been published elsewhere, and the running of it at the war is being handled by Lady Tehair, as I am unable to be present. I have obtained, however, two prizes that are on offer to the challenge and general competitions, which I hope will motivate at least those whose love of words is idiosyncratic in the same way as mine.

To the winner of the challenge category will go a new paper copy of the one-volume photo-reduced Oxford English Dictionary (which purports to contain the entire contents of the 20 volume original) complete with magnifying glass.

To the winner of the general category will go a new CD-ROM version of Merriam-Webster's Third New International Dictionary (unabridged). Although it may appear to be the lesser prize, it has one capability the other prize does not, that may be of particular use to poets: It has a "rhymes with" search function.

So, that's what's on offer. Sharpen your quills and minds, if you have not already, and make your sacrifices to your various muses, and get to work!!! If you need more information about the rules and schedule for the competition, click on the header above. Those not planning to go to the war can submit via theLady Tehair's email address on that page, but if you submit after August 1, it would be best to send your entry via someone who will be at the war, and who can submit it there for you.

And please cross-post this to all relevant lists in all Kingdoms and subgroups to which verbal artisans with a war in their near future may subscribe.

I remain,
Your worthless servant,

Thomas Broadpaunch
By Their Atlantian Majesties' grace, Poeta Atlantiae