Calling all Grill Gods to Diamond Wars

THL Kat the Strange sends out a call for cooks at the upcoming Diamond Wars event in Gleann Abhann -- by way of a song!

I Need a Grill God!

(tune: "I Need A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler)

"Where have all the Grill Gods gone?
And legends they invoked?
Of meat and bread and pits of heat
And vittles that they smoked?
Isn't there a team of men who cooked lots and wore much less?
Didn't we hear about the maid who cooked goat with much success?

I need a Grill God!
I need a slab of beef that will feed a bunch!
He's gotta be good
or she's gotta be smart
to stave off the hunger built up since lunch.

I need a Grill God!
I need a meal to talk about for five more years!
It's gotta be tasty
It's gotta be awesome
And it's gotta make the populace cheer!

Sometime in the evening
Round about half past six
There's a smell of roasting in the air
We all have to have our munchy fix
Different teams they will compete from both far and near and there
They're all going to show their best and prove that they're all beyond compare!

I need a Grill God!
I need some remarkable and fantastic food!
It's gotta be fresh
And it's gotta be something
That only someone heavenly could do.

I need a Grill God!
I need a dinner so good I'll wanna cry!
It's gotta be dreamy
It's gotta be known
As a legend standing the test of time!"

Who will stand as Gleann Abhann's Grill Gods? Come Feed the Populace at Diamond Wars! Bring your war wagon of incredible consumables to battle Friday night. Lure in your supporters with the smell of delicious roasting and smoking! Share your vast supply of good food with the populace!

The populace will judge who will be determined the next Grill Gods! Join in and earn your right to boast that you bested your brethren on the cooking fields! Email IMMEDIATELY to enter. And for more information on Diamond Wars, check out the "original article" link below, or email