Dating tips from Zeus, King of the Gods

In an April, 1999 issue of The Onion, Zeus, King of the Gods, offers dating tips on handling the ladies such as "Today's Women Don't Like It When You Come To Them As A Bull Or Swan."

In the article, Zeus writes:

"You know, back in the old days, I really had a way with the ladies. Back then, if I wanted to pick up a woman, all I had to do was approach her in my aspect as a bull or swan, and she'd be all mine, helpless to resist. The move was pure gold. It never failed — even on goddesses.

But these modern women, that's a whole other story. For some reason, they just don't go for it at all."

Read the rest by clicking "original article" below.

OK, it's out of our time period, but it was just too amusing to pass up. Thanks to Cait, Editor of Ealdormere's "Eduspam" column for the link!