C&C 2008: Barbary Pirates vs The Knights of Rhodes

The Barbary Pirates under the leadership of the most dreaded Barbarossa Brothers are advancing into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Loyal citizens of the Trimarian Crown are being oppressed and attacked. The sea passage is no longer safe, and heralds are being sold into slavery!

As the knights of Rhodes rally the subjects of the Trimarian Crown to defend the lands and the seas, the Barbarossa Brothers did not rest on their Laurels [the ones they kidnapped, that is) and have been recruiting many more scurvy dogs to fill their ranks. The final battle is near! Battle with the knights and the pirates and lead one to supremacy over the Mediterranean Sea!

Travel north for a weekend of swashbuckling Rapier fun, chivalrous Tournaments and exciting war scenarios to prepare for Gulf Wars and lots of arts and sciences and many more activities for pirates and knights, both young and old!

For more information and up-to-date schedule go to http://cutlassescorsairs2008.googlepages.com Location:
Camp Immokalee, Keystone Heights, FL