[WES] West Kingdom Crown Tournament

Their Majesties Hauoc and Ginevra invite the populace to join them in witnessing the selection of Their Heirs in beautiful Tres Pinos, California.

There will be a grand Carnival/Performing Arts festival and many artisans of Their Realm shall perform and play and be a part of the festival. It will begin at 11am in conjunction with the Queen's Tea.

Site will open at noon on Friday and close at 4:00pm on Sunday.

Site fees are $12 per adult, $15 non-member, $5 for children 5-16 and children 5 and under are free

Siege Cooking Competition:
Our apologies to all the wonderful cooks in the West Kingdom that would have loved to compete in the annual Siege Cooking competition at Kingdom A&S. But the great news is it will be held at October Crown this year.

The theme is 12 Century Norman
“You have recently invaded Ireland, but it is time to form treaties with the locals that would rather not be destroyed as so many others have. Your Liege has asked you to create a feast to impress those he wishes to impose his will upon.”

You will be supplied with

  • 1-2 lbs of meat
  • 2 lbs of vegetables
  • 1 lb of fruit
  • Salt
  • 2 fresh herbs
  • Butter
  • And one mystery item

You can supply (up to you)

  • Wine and or milk
  • Water
  • 3 herbs (fresh or dried)
  • 2 vegetables
  • Honey

The cost will be $20 per team. If you are interested, please contact Volker von dem Walde at wisegoldendragon@yahoo.com or Nia McGhill at awarnock73@yahoo.com

The Foam Sword Combat tourney will start at the 4th round of Crown.

We will have various arts and sciences projects throughout the day, including chain maille weaving (adults are invited), Weaving, and other classes as teachers volunteer.

Directions to site:
Directions From Hwy 101 going north: Take Hwy 156 (San Juan Bautista) exit and bear right. Stay on this road past San Juan Bautista (SJB/Hollister Rd.). Turn right at the signal onto Union Rd. Continue on Union, winding around the outskirts of Hollister, to the 4-way stop at Hwy 25/Airline Hwy. Turn right and continue past Tres Pinos to Bolado Park Gate 1 - San Benito County Fairgrounds.

From Hwy 101 going south:
Take Hwy 25 (Hollister/Pinnacles) exit and go back over the freeway. Approaching Hollister, turn left on Wright Rd. (shortly before 156/25 intersection), which turns into McCloskey. At the end of McCloskey, turn Right onto Fairview. Continue to the 4-way stop and turn left on Hwy 25/Airline Highway. Continue past Tres Pinos to Bolado Park.

From Hwy 5:
Take Hwy 152 West (Pacheco Pass) to Hwy 156 (after Casa de Fruta). Follow Hwy 156 to the signal at Fairview Rd. Turn left and continue to the 4-way stop; turn left on Hwy 25/Airline Hwy and continue past Tres Pinos to Bolado Park.

There will be a Youth Rapier Tournament held concurrently with the Tournament of Roses. All Youth Rapier Fighters participating must be properly authorized. All Adult Rapier Fighters are encouraged to participate in the Tournament of Roses. Youth Fighters are encouraged to join in Roses after the Youth Rapier Tournament has been completed.

Their Majesties encourage the Rapier Fighters of the West to prepare a rapier-oriented performance piece and participate in the Performing Arts Festival. Come out for our Archery Competition, "The Forest Hunt ". Test your skill and prowess against our noble beasts !! Bring a few arrows your don't mind getting wet!! *drinks and snacks provided* We have loaner equipment!

Contact Lady Zinaida Or'Shinaia for more info : deliriumskid@yahoo.com

Peerage Meetings:
Knights Council will meet on Saturday morning at 8am, before morning court and before the tournament. Pelican's council will meet directly following evening court and Laurels council will meet at 8am on Sunday morning. Saturday Tournament Day will run like normal, except for the peerage meeting changes.

The Bardic Community will be a hosting a Bardic Pro/Am competition. A Bard seasoned in service to the Realm (one having served as Bard of the West/Mist/Cynagua/etc) teams up with an amateur Bard and they do a piece together all for public vote and enjoyment, two amateur Bards can team up but not two professional bards.

Carnivale begins with games on the field of honor in the evening and the party shall begin as soon as meetings are all finished and the official business of the day is completed. Please contact Master Juan Santiago at santiago@santiagosmagic.com if you are interested in performing!

I am pleased to announce that House Regola della donna** will host a 16th C Salon Saturday after dinner at October Crown. The Salon will provide a potluck dessert table for refreshments -- please contact me at tlwhyte AT comcast DOT net if you would like to contribute. Games will be set out for the enjoyment of all (cards, board games, and my Night Bocce set that was seen at this year's A&S tourney. ;-) ). And we will be blessed with a performance of The Treblemakers!

As you know, out October Crown site is lovely and so is suitable for finer dress. I encourage all of you to take this opportunity to show off your finest 16th C clothing! :-) As always, of course, 16th C dress is encouraged but not required!

**For those of you unfamiliar with House Regola della donna, its members include Lady Anna Serra and Lord Crimson, Lady Veronica and her lord Frederick (hailing from Tarnmists), and Lady Brigit. They have a large "bat-wing" style sunshade in red and gold. Location:
West Kingdom (Tres Pinos, California)