Gleann Abhann Cooks, Bakers, Stewards & Servers Guild created

Lady Lyneya de Aston reports on the creation of the Gleann Abhann Cooks, Bakers, Stewards & Servers Guild, which will hold its inaugural meeting October 20, 2007 at Knight's Academy.

Lady Lyneya writes:

Baroness Tegan verch Dwgan, THLady Magdalena de Segovia and Lady Lyneya de Aston would like to announce the beginnings of the Gleann Abhann Cooks, Bakers, Stewards & Servers Guild! We would invite any and all who have an interest or would like to learn cooking, baking, feasting, hall stewardship, redacting recipes, EATING good food and a myriad of other food related topics to join us in our inaugural meeting, Saturday, October 20th, at Knight's Academy. Likely in the afternoon, with time to be announced at a later date, and probably in or around the kitchen (where else), we will make known plans and details and other such things for what we hope will become a Royal Chartered Guild in our lovely Kingdom.

We have created an e-group to get the interest moving in the right direction. Come and join!!!

GA_Cooks on Yahoo groups!!!

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See you there!!!