Calontir Needs Volunteers for Pennsic Soup Kitchen

Colonel Jenna, goddess of Calontir's Soup Kitchen, needs volunteers for the Pennsic War. Colonel Jenna writes:

Are you going to Pennsic?

Do you like Feeding Things?

Are you intellectually capable of, "Fill With Water, Turn on Fire, Add Soup"?

Then the Soup Kitchen Wants You!

Calontir needs people to help with the SK platoon of the IV Company. As the war begins we will need someone to run into town to buy foam cups and a few other items (with money provided for them), and to make sure these items and the stuff that comes in the the Kingdom Trailer (AKA the Instirment of the Devil) are kept handy safe and dry. On-site, we need people to serve jerky before battles, people to prepare soup during battles, people to serve soup after battles, and noble souls to clean up afterwards.

Can't go to Pennsic? Can you make jerky or Fighter Biscuits or cookies to send to war? Can you organize other people to do so? Can you find people to transport donations to war, or entice people not on Calonet to come join IV Company at war themselves? Every effort is needed, and appreciated, as greatly as the efforts of those who pass out jerky or soup and smiles.

If any of this at all appeals to you, please contact Colonel Jenna at Thank you for your consideration.

Colonel Jenna
IV Company, SK Platoon
Veteran of Phaedra's Gate