Mmmmmm.... Beer-Flavored Ice Cream

A British Brewer has introduced a new product: ice cream that tastes like Newcastle Brown Ale. Brewer Scottish Courage, located in Northeast England, is joining hands with Doddington Dairy to produce a beer-flavored ice cream. The ice cream is supposed to "reflect the nutty, caramel flavors of the namesake ale," according to producers, and will be on sale during the summer months in northern England. Those worried about getting drunk off their dessert should not be concerned. The ice cream contains only 1% alcohol.

Beer and ice cream

You know, I love beer and I love ice cream, but together is just... well... wrong!


Re: Beer and ice cream

They aren't the first to do this though. There was an American company that did it last year, only they didn't use real beer in it. They used Budweiser.