Armor stolen in Eastrealm

Andris Lowenstein reports that his car containing his armor was stolen in Hartford, Connecticut. He is seeking help to watch for the stolen armor on eBay or other sites.

Andris Lowenstein writes:

Sometime last night or early this morning [September 27, 2007] my car was stolen in Hartford CT. In the trunk was all of armor and weapons. I'm hoping that the people who stole the car will try and sell the equipment, please pass this messsage on to other list and keep your eyes open for the following:
  • A stainless steel spanglhelm with brass above the eyes made by white mountain armory.
  • A stainless steel heart shaped basket hilt from ironmonger.
  • A brown take apart 9 foot spear from mandrake/windrose armory
  • A pair of guantlets from alchemy armory
  • A pair of stainless guantlets made by Chet with a little bit of brass around the cuff
  • A pair of three piece articulated aluminium elbows from Bokalo's armory attached to a pair of black hardened leather vambraces.
  • A purple coat of plates with brass rivets forming little stars, attached to this are a pair of black hardened leather pauldrons.
  • A kite shield standard northern army/Lothar design

If anyone sees any of the above pieces please notify me so I can notify the police.

PLEASE cross post to any list that you feel might be helpful in finding the people responsable and having them arrested, in getting the armor back.

Thank you,
Andris Lowenstein
aka Ernest Preciado