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Sunara Clothing & Accessories

Sunara's offers quality clothing in natural fabrics in sizes from extra small to 6X, all designed and made by Mistress Sunara al Badawiyya, an SCA participant.

Syke's Sutlering

Syke's offers books, clothing, and other accoutrements (largely for 17th century goods, but also some for earlier periods).

Talbot's Fine Accessories

Talbot's offers replica medieval jewelry and accessories, historical artifacts and antiquities, and books and pamphlets on topics on shoemaking, metalworking, and other topics.

Thaden Armory

Thaden Armory specializes in custom-tailored armour reproductions and armour-related hardware.

The Vagabond Tabby

The Vagabond Tabby sells handmade, natural bath and body products, including such SCA-necessary things as fighter balm, bug spray, and sunburn spray, and historically-inspired items like Kyphi oil, based on an ancient Egyptian sacred incense. Plus soap, because everyone needs soap.


Thornforge is a New Zealand (Southron Gaard) smithery producing knives, armour, padlocks and other miscellaneous wares for the SCA period re-enactor. Be aware that the current exchange rate means that all prices are nearly double what they would be in US dollars. Commissions accepted.

Thorny Rose

Thorny Rose provides men's and ladies' garb, cloaks, and accessories.

Timely Treasured Threads.

Timely Treasured Threads is a store dedicated to providing a complete ensemble for you to dress yourself for your favorite period event, no matter the era. From accessories to clothes, "they have you covered."

Titania's Garden Art Jewelry and Chain Maille by Jennifer Wong

Titania's Garden artist Jennifer Wong creates and purveys jewelry from metal and stones, as well as chain maille jewelry.

Touch of Wearable Whimsy

A Touch of Wearable Whimsy sells unique, handcrafted, affordable jewelry. All jewelry is made using sterling silver components gemstones and swarovski crystal. Styles of jewelry include chandelier earrings, Celtic-inspired jewelry, Pagan jewelry, gemstone jewelry, wire jewelry, and the occasional surprise.

Treasure Cast Pewter Products

TreasureCast designs and manufactures pewter jewelry, cloak clasp, belts, and more.

Treasure of Asgard

For all your Tudor Garb and Pottery needs.


The Treasury provides a wide assortment of artist-made reproduction and historically inspired jewelry and dress accessories. The owner-artist, Eirny Thorvaldsdottir, O.L. (Irene Davis) combines decades of experience as a mixed media artist specializing in metal and lamp-worked glass.

Trebuchet Model Kits

Build a working model trebuchet! Many sizes and styles are available, all fully functional. Makes a great display piece, educational project or gift for anyone with an interest in history, engineering or physics.

Trompe L'oeil (Trick of the Eye)

Trompe  L'oeil, or Trick of the Eye, is a textbook by Duke Sir Patrick Devilin of DarkWrath Keep on advanced SCA fighting techniques. Originally published in 1999, the book is in its second edition as of 2011 and is 230 pages long.

True Thomas the Storyteller

This is the home page of a professional storyteller, known in the SCA as Lord Thomas Whitehart, who works Faires (museums, schools, etc.) and promotes Storytelling and the Bardic arts within the SCA.

Tunics shop on Etsy.com

Hailing from the Barony of Fettburg, Jerry, the owner of Tunics specializes in the making of Viking style tunics based on the Birka pattern. Using only the best wools, linens and linen blends, he creates a garment that is very comfortable to wear, durable and affordable.

Underachiever Films

Underachiever Films is the production company offering Estrella XX (A Beautiful War). The feature-length documentary was created as an introduction to the SCA and features 45 minutes of armoured combat footage as well as interviews with SCA folk.


Urweg specializes in Nordic-themed items, including jewelry, hairpieces, belts, pouches and bags, and drinking horns.

Viking Archery Supply

Viking Archery Supply was established in 1986 to supply suede pouches and quivers to members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

Viking Leathercrafts

Since 1985, the Viking Leather Crafts team has continually strived to provide the highest quality leatherwork for the history enthusiast on a budget - and the finest in customer service as well. After 26 years, their products are still being worn by countless swordsmen, swordswomen, and Living History enthusiasts around the world.

Viking Shield: Viking Age replicas and gifts.

Viking Shield specializes in all your Viking needs. They offer a full range of weapons, clothing, armor, jewellry, games, feasting gear, and art.

Viking's Hoard

The Viking's Hoard is located in Marche Three Towers, Barony of Brendoken, Middle Kingdom. They sell incense, massage oil, children's toys, clothing for size small to 5X, blankets, handcarved walking sticks, and wooden "folding" chairs.

Waldryk's Armory

All armor produced is as close to period/cultural reproduction as possible without deviating from the standards of safety required on the battlefield. Period re-enactment groups are also welcome. All armor can be made to reproduction specs and of lighter gauges of steel than SCA regulation armor. Custom arrangements can be made for items not in the catalog.

White Wolf Gifts

White Wolf Gifts has been an SCA merchant for over 20 years, offering an ever-changing selection of affordable and unique wares. White Wolf Gifts accepts PayPal™ payments.