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Reconstructing History

Reconstructing History aims to be your one-stop shop for the finest patterns for historical clothing and the supplies you need to make them. Owned and operated by internationally-noted historical clothing researcher Kass McGann, Reconstructing History has patterns for clothing from 10th-century Heian Japan to the Napoleonic era (1812).

Renaissance Clothing by The Tudor Shoppe

Renaissance Costumes and medieval clothing for those with discriminating taste. Also, buttons, patterns, notions, jewelry, tapestries, toys, swords, panther tents, and more.

Renaissance Costumes

RenaissanceCostumesClothing.com is a leading online retailer of Renaissance merchandise. The company offers a wide variety of costume sets, as well as authentic clothing items, such as shirts, breeches, skirts, corsets, vests, and chemises. These items are high-quality, designed in-house, and exclusive to the company.

Renaissance Jewelry & Medieval Jewelry by Dorothea

Beautiful handcrafted Renaissance, Medieval and Elizabethan jewelry designs incorporate unique handmade glass stones & Czech glass pearls among other components.

Reproduction Antique and Medieval Doors

CastleReign creates reproduction antique and medieval doors for your home, tavern, art studio, game room, garden and other areas around your home and business. 

Revival Clothing

Revival Clothing offers a complete line of medieval clothing and accessories for ladies and gentlemen as well as well-fitted, historically accurate Gambesons, which are available from stock. Their designs are based on historical patterns and research and are made in authentic fabrics bringing you quality and authenticity at an affordable price. Most colors are in stock and ready for immediate deli

Ring Lord

The Ring Lord provides raw materials and tools for making ring mail and chain mail of various sorts. The web site also has an extensive gallery of customers' finished projects and works-in-progress.

Rose & Crowne

The Rose & Crowne features fine Renaissance clothing such as bodices, chemises, tunics, capes, cloaks, mantles, and more. Handmade, leather blank journals and hard bound books are perfect for the minstrel and the cook in which to keep all your creations. They also offer their own line of cooking spices and herbs, many of them organically grown.

Rozani Designs

Rozani Designs provides period styles with an original flair. Specialties include Renaissance garb for Lords and Ladies, Smalls and Pleasant Peasants. From Pirate and Wench Wear to clasps and pattern guides, there are goods for the newbie SCAer or advanced seamstress. Choose from masquerade accessories and plumes for designing your own creations. And for dragon and jester enthusiasts, there are staves and more.

Rusty Rapier

The Rusty Rapier is a purveyor of fine handcrafted medieval games and other sundries for the refined medieval enthusiast. They have games ranging from the classic morris family to the little known, like fanorona and surakarta, and they are adding more all the time.

Salamander Armoury

Custom hand forged blades in high carbon and pattern welded laminate by Dr. JP Hrisoulas.

Salvatore's Historical Yellowpages

An online guide to historical resources, including goods and services, for film, television, and re-enactors. There is also a printed edition available.

Sapphire & Sage Renaissance Jewelry & Accessories

Handcrafted Renaissance/Medieval Era portrait-inspired jewlery: girdle belts, necklaces, earrings, bodice jewelry, brooches, circlets, collars, rings, beaded trim, loose pearls and stones, and more. Custom orders welcomed.

SCA Auctions

Exclusively for SCA members, SCA Auctions allows you to buy and sell period clothing, apparel, collectables, weapons, and everything else SCA-related. Sign up and begin to buy and sell by auction or "buy it now". There is no charge for a basic auction with up to one image.

SCA Classifieds

Born of a need by the owner to sell used gear of his own, SCA Classifieds is a site for SCA members to buy, sell, trade, giveaway and ask for SCA-related stuff, and there is no charge to list items for sale.


SCAbusiness.com is designed to link SCAdians offering to sell, or barter, modern-world or period skills, with those seeking to purchase such services.

Scottish Silver Archives

The Compendium of Scottish Silver, an extensive resource for metalsmiths and others interested in Scottish silversmithing, is available online in a fully-searchable format, free of charge from Cornell University's DSpace project. Written by Rodney and Janice Dietert, the 551-page book is also available as a print-on-demand download for a fee.

Sewing Central

Sewing Central, run by Lord Vlad de Jaffa and Lady Eliseé du Lyonnais, has period patterns, fabrics, and books related to costuming and other textile arts.


Shrewwood sells uniquely carved items with an eye to the past in horn, antler, wood, leather, amber and bone. Designs are influenced by Celtic and Scandinavian Dark Age artifacts.

Sign of the Tiger Woodworking

Run by Jehan Yves de Chateau Thiery, and his wife, Teofilia Karaszkiewicza, they produce musuem replica and custom furniture and camp goods.

Silvershell Musical Instruments

Silvershell Musical Instruments offers harps and early musical instruments that have excellent sound, are well made and are good value.

Sir Blackhand

Sir Blackhand prints the SCA Kingdoms' devices on window stickers. Each Kingdom and a generic SCA sticker are available, as is the "Take Courage" tennis ball crossbow for use in SCA combat archery as done in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Soul Stealing helps you with event photography

Soul Stealing in the Current Middle Ages is a beginner's guide to photography at SCA events that is now available for Amazon's Kindle™ Reader.

Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas

Steve Millingham supplies a wide range of historically-accurate pewter replicas of medieval and Renaissance jewelry and accessories, as well as some drinking vessels and other goods.

Stuart Corporation of America

SCAboots.com is "Stuart Corporation of America", a family-owned business in the state of Washington (U.S. west coast). They import mass-produced boots that are suitable for use in many living history organizations. Levels of authenticity vary; some of the boots have zippers and some do not, as described on the product catalog pages.