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Mystic Mail

An Internet café at Pennsic War? You bet!

Nagle Forge & Foundry

Nagle Forge & Foundry is a small family-operated casting company that specializes in crafting historically inspired and limited edition jewelry and clothing fasteners from the finest lead free pewter, sterling silver or 14k gold. They offer cloak clasps, kilt pins, religious pieces, wedding rings and more. Periods of inspiration include the late Roman Empire, the Early and High Middle Ages, the Re

Nativearth Footwear and Accessories

Nativearth/Olde Soles: Producers of footwear and accessories ranging from 400 B.C.E. to 1600 C.E. Visit their online catalog to see standard-size, in-stock footwear and their custom footwear range. Online ordering and information are available. They can also be contacted at mail@nativearth.com.

Noir Records

Noir Records is a U.S. record label that has become the home of many of Europe's most popular medieval bands, including Corvus Corax, Estampie, Irfan and Qntal.

Odds 'n' Sods for Re-enactors

Odds'n'Sods is based in Australia, and they sell all items of embellishments from braid to aglets, charms, and buttons, plus much more. They also stock many other items that would make your re-enactment atmosphere that bit more authentic and special.

Olde Worlde Colonial Products, LLC.

Olde Worlde Colonial Products is a purveyor of medieval and colonial outdoor lighting. Their core product is the Colonial Cressett which is handcrafted in wrought iron and designed to cast a warming glow at reenactment camp sites and homes alike. The Colonial Cressett may be spiked into the ground or used with an optional three legged stand also made of wrought iron.

Olde Worlde Designs

Olde Worlde Designs offers quality handmade Medieval and Renaissance clothing, accessories and underpinnings. Their ever-growing line of clothing includes noble gowns, doublets, tunics, corsets, underpinnings, jewelry, hats and more. They provide custom made garb for any size and any occasion.

Onager Catapult Kits

Onager offers replicas of ancient catapults as used by the Romans and other cultures up until the medieval period. These are fully functional wooden kits. Makes a great display piece, science project or gift for anyone with an interest in history, engineering or physics.

Palmyra Traders

Palmyra Traders began merchanting in 1993. They specialize in top quality, hard to find merchandise for the medievalist.

Panther Primitives

Panther Primitives has tents and other canvas structures from numerous cultures and historical periods, including the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Native American, Viking, Roman, and the American Civil and Revolutionary Wars.

Paternoster Ladies

Paternoster Ladies produces one-of-a-kind handmade medieval rosaries, paternosters and chaplets for sale. Their line uses historically available materials to create items inspired by medieval sources such as museum examples and artwork of the time period. Many of their raw materials come from upcycling antique and vintage beads and findings, and the results are pure heaven.

Pearson's Renaissance Shoppe

Renaissance clothing, costumes and accessories. Their authentic renaissance line includes wench costumes, twill bodices, Elizabethan clothes, princess gowns and dresses.

Peter Palms fur pelts

This merchant offers wild fur-bearing animal pelts dressed and tanned and ready for manufacturing Middle Ages apparel. Available pelts include mink, sable, fox, chinchilla, coyote, lynx, bobcat, mountain lion, beaver, badger, raccoon, skunk, nutria, otter, mountain lion, arctic timber wolf, wolverine, fisher, marten opposum, weasel, and ermine.

Phoenixware Pottery

Phoenixware Pottery offers period ceramics and historical recreations spanning all years and cultures of the Known World. All of HL Artemisia Di Serena's pottery is hand-thrown, high fire stoneware which is dishwasher-safe and microwaveable. Commissions are available. Tableware, period encampment items, cookware, and specialty items are offered at affordable prices.

Pillaged Village

The Pillaged Village is a medieval-themed "general store" with garb, fabric, accessories, trim, trinkets, and other items to round out your wardrobe and campsite.

Polar Bear Forge — Custom Blades

Polar Bear Forge is committed to making fine blades, ranging from an everyday work knife to a historically influenced reproduction. Custom orders are available on all blades so that you can add your own touch to your design. Quality is very important, and all blades are built to be used, abused, and then used some more.

Promise Land Ranch — Medieval Arms and Armor

Promise Land offers everything from chain maille to wooden weapons to leather armor, all built by hand for an authentic look that cannot be achieved by the use of machines. They offer many exclusive custom products as well.

Proportional Lime Type Foundry

Proportional Lime Type Foundry issues a line of electronic fonts, based on historical exemplars, suitable for print and web use. The historical period fonts offered at reasonable prices are excellent reproductions of the originals with added functionality such as extended punctuation and characters for modern use.

Qamar Franji Eastern Arts

Qamar Franji is a SCAdian merchant specializing in books and supplies for those interested in Middle Eastern persona.

Rabbit's Foot Meadery

Rabbit's Foot Meadery produces fine hand-crafted mead, honey wine, cyser and braggots. Their recipes and methods have been perfected over a period of more than fourteen years and combine the latest in fermentation technology with historical recipes to create unique meads in a style that is like no other. All of their mead, ciders and braggots are produced using the finest honey available without the addition of preservatives or other additives and contain no added sulfites.

Raised Gold

Raised Gold is a purveyor of quality illuminated miniatures professionally painted by Countess Nerissa de Saye, OL.

Raj Tents

Based in India, Raj Tents manufactures elaborately-decorated pergolas, pavilions, tents, and other shelters in sizes up to 34x40 feet (10.3x12.2 meters). They offer rectangular and octagonal shelters of canvas, as well as cloth liners that can be used to dress up modern vinyl tents. The company also offers a selection of furnishings, accessories, and lighting fixtures in an Indian or Middle Eastern style.

Raven and The Owl

The Raven and the Owl offers historical clothing made from natural fabrics.



Realeather provides bulk and specialty leather, hides, strapping, tools, and supplies. Leather is available in a variety of weights, textures, and colors. They also carry armour-weight leather.

Reannag Teine Pottery

Inspired by medieval and earlier times,Reannag Teine specializes in unique, usable pottery—safe for food and drink and well as modern conveniences as the oven, dishwasher, and microwave. All the designs are drawn free-hand and hand-painted onto the hand-thrown pottery—no molds or stencils used—and our wares are designed sturdy, built to survive years of everyday use.