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Fabric Dragon

Fabric Dragon sells many items, but of especial interest to most SCAdians are the linen threads in multiple weights and colors, silk threads in multiple weights, colors, and degree of twist, beads (including those small enough to use easily in embroidery) and pearls of various types.

Farthingales LA

Farthingales LA corset shop sells quality corset making supplies, quality ready-made corsets and offers the opportunity to purchase custom-made corsets. Quality corset supplies are an important investment for any corset maker or costumer. Why invest the time required to build a garment, if you're not using the quality products that will make that garment survive time and wear? If you value your work, use products that will make your techniques and your workmanship stand out from others.

Fettered Cock Pewters Fine Medieval Wares

Fettered Cock Pewters sells pewter items, belts and belt fittings, games, fine jewelry in silver and gold, furniture, household goods, dress accessories and more!

Fine Chainmail Jewelry

Fine Chainmail Jewelry is a small business dedicated to producing unique custom made stainless steel chainmail jewelry.

Five Winds Trading Company

Five Winds Trading Company is dedicated to turning your dreams into a reality, through the efforts of third-generation artisans, craftspersons, and merchants. They are committed to creating the highest quality products to assist you in achieving the look that fits your period.

Foster-Stephens Garment Storage

Foster-Stephens provides archival storage products for garb and other textiles. Members may be interested in their Muslin or Tyvek Garment Bags, sized for court outfits and good for traveling back and forth to events. Foster-Stephens boxes and bags are designed for long term storage and are very safe for your garb between events.

Foxknife Armory

Foxknife Armory produces carved rattan wasters which are designed to more closely resemble period swords than round batons of flat rattan planks. Thomas has a wide variety of eras and cultures represented and has recently (late 2011) started adding hardware to compliment his blades.

Fungi Forge

Looking for a traditional blacksmith providing authentic pre-16th century ironwork? Fungi Forge specializes in period locks and hardware, coffers and caskets, lighting for every need, campfire cooking, even medieval paperclips! They can make your life more medieval.

Gallowglass Academy

The Gallowglass Academy is a professional martial arts school that provides classes on rapier, schlager, and fencing combat techniques. They also offer modern-world self-defense classes in martial arts and firearms.

Garb the World

Garb the World provides custom made clothing and period shoes for all body sizes. Choose your own styles, colors, and trims. They offer a wide variety of goods, including tunics, pants, cloaks, dresses, kilts, shirts, robes, veils, etc., and they have leather goods, including long ring belts of all colors. Featured items include "First-Time Specials" as well as outfits for Vikings, Normans, Anglo-Saxons, and even Jutes.

GKS Widgets

GKS Widgets offers replica armor and weapons for display or costume as well as accessories. Weapons and armor choices include both historically-accurate reproductions and fantasy items. The company also offers realistic-looking lightweight latex weapons and shields for live-action roleplay (LARP) gaming.

Golden Dwarf

The Golden Dwarf is a seller of quality renaissance, medieval, and pirate clothing, costumes, garb, armor, weapons, and accessories for LARP, Reenactment, Ren-Faires, and SCA.

Green Haven Soaps

Indulge in handcrafted artisan soaps for thy bath, from peasant to royalty and everyone in between. Here you will find soaps made using a combination of ancient wisdom and modern standards of purity. Let the village wise woman at Green Haven bring you earthen creations for body and soul.

Green Mountain Garb

Green Mountain Garb creates historical sewn goods. Custom orders for unique, documentable garb are always welcome! Ready-to-wear garb and other merchandise, including dolls and doll clothing, may also be available; items currently in stock will vary.

GreyCat Designs

Custom crafted medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy garb for men and women.

Gryffon Armory and the Green Gryffon Inn & Pub

The Gryffon Armory provides leather armor and accessories for the SCA, Larp, or anything in need of leatherwork. From costume and armor grade leather pieces such as bracers, gorget, and even full suits to frogs, sheaths, quivers, and, for the completist, dog harnesses for carts. They also deal in llamelar, scale, and even chain armor and jewelry.


GuildorFarm is a loose guild of AnTir artists providing a variety of reasonably priced medieval and Renaissance friendly items to SCA, LARP, Civil War,  re-enacters and hobbyists.

Haidner Art Studio & Armoury

Haidner Art Studio & Armoury provides custom made armour for the discerning historical collector, re-enactor and martial artist. Based on designs from the middle ages and Renaissance, armour is built to be as close to the historical types as possible, given each client's budget and design specifications.

Haunted Bookshop

The Haunted Bookshop has been selling used and rare books since 1985 and are members of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Antiquarian Booksellers Association. They specialize in books on Medieval and Renaissance History, British Isles, Costuming and Textiles, Illumination, Art, and Architecture.

Hayes Company Armory

Hayes Company Armory are a provider of high quality SCA style armor. They specialize in Brigandine armor, sometimes called a coat of plates. The armor is made from heavy canvas and 1/8 inch (3 mm) ABS plastic. Each piece is made from 3 layers of heavy canvas which is stitched in a vertical pattern to increase the strength of the fabric.

Heraldic Creations

Heraldic Creations will render your personal, household, office, or group coat of arms or badge into a variety of media, including wood carving or burning, painting onto a variety of surfaces, personalized furniture, and cut or mosaic tile articles. Fabric renderings include painted or applique banners as well as baldrics and tabards of office, heraldic table linens, and flags and pennants. Personalized feast settings, mirror boxes, and other unusual items are available as well. They can render other period designs of a more generic nature, such as standalone charges (fleur-de-lis, Celtic cross, animals, mermaids, and such) into any of the available media.

Hill Art

The Hill Art's mission is to supply the re-enactor with quality hand spinning and needle felting equipment. They are also a source for all-natural yarns and woolen fabrics.

Historic Enterprises

Since 1996, Historic Enterprises has been bringing high quality reproduction items to historic sites and historical enthusiasts worldwide. All of their offerings are based on historical material, and many are exact reproductions of pieces from museums and private collections. They provide an historical accuracy rating and documentation online, quick shipping, first rate customer service.

Historic Workshop LLC

The Historic Workshop is small group of people dedicated to using authentic historical methods to create high quality arts, crafts, and supplies, for collectors and re-enactors for a variety of time periods. While they specialize in Medieval and Middle Ages crafts, they have many items that are also appropriate for later time periods and re-enactment groups such as Civil War and Muzzleloading. They offer furniture, ironwork, blown glass, jewelry & leather mounts, juggling supplies, hand-bound books, and various craft, knitting, and sewing supplies.

Historical Glassworks- glassblowing

Historical Glassworks creates handblown glass articles, specializing in historical reproductions. Available items include tools, feast gear, accessories, and decorative gifts. They also offer live demonstrations. View their calendar for a list of upcoming events in your area.