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For the past week
Shakespearean Puppet Competition at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers128 reads
Known World Metal & Glass Symposium Seeking Teachers107 reads
'History geeks" learn siege warfare in Atlantia65 reads
For the past month
New draft of SCA Ltd. Social Media Policy for comment579 reads
ACCEPS Situation Update 492 reads
"Authenticity is the goal" for East Kingdom SCA family422 reads
Pennsic War Points Announced414 reads
Evolution of SCA Communications Survey382 reads
Maryport named Research Project of the Year 2015360 reads
Glassware evidence of East meets West354 reads
Six elevated to Peerages at Rowany Festival353 reads
New USA Knight talks strategy351 reads
Steffan Glaube new Lochac Prince339 reads
For the past year
SCA BoD to decide on proposed Rapier Peerage Corpora change in 20154623 reads
An SCA Challenge2137 reads
Drachenwald Crowns Permit Same Sex Pair Entry in Their Crown List1844 reads
Decoding Anglo-Saxon art1022 reads
London church with Shakespeare connection sought1003 reads
Future SCA Events to Take Place Only in Facebook997 reads
Reconstructing and Testing Ancient Linen Body Armor971 reads
SCA Board of Directors - Meeting Schedule962 reads
Pennsic 43 dance music available849 reads
Land procedure changes for Pennsic this year.841 reads
For All Time
Many Thanks to the Chroniclers of the Oaken Region147503 reads
SCA Armor: A How-To Manual127412 reads
Colophon100900 reads
Long Arm of the Law: Medieval Crime and Punishment89634 reads
Display Advertising Administrator job sought56082 reads
Sweet! Medieval Candy, Cookies, and Cakes48762 reads
About SCAtoday.net42577 reads
Are You Wearing Woolies? Medieval Knitting, NÃ¥lbinding41142 reads
Are you feeling funny? Medieval humor39589 reads
Newcomers' Guide37741 reads