September 18th, 2003

University Project to Collect First Pennsic Stories

Lady Avice is collecting accounts of the first Pennsic War for a class project.

16th Century Wall Disrupts Museum Renovation in France

History News Network: The renovation of the Orangerie, the home of Monet's "Waterlilies," has been halted after it was disclosed that the work might damage the original 16th century wall under the museum.

September 17th

Official Attendance Numbers Released for Pennsic War 32

The Pennsic Exchequer, Master Alaric, has released the final count of gentles on site at Pennsic 32.

Medieval Clothing and Textile Journal to be Released

Robin Netherton, a frequent lecturer on medieval clothing and textiles, has announced that a new scholarly journal on medieval clothing will soon be available.

Lost Imperial Purple Formula Rediscovered

The secret formula for creating Roman imperial purple dye has been rediscovered.

Swords, and the People Who Love Them

NetSword is a discussion group for "swordsmen, sword smiths, armorers, weapons makers, collectors of swords, re-enactors, historians, and enthusiasts" who wish to discuss various topics concerning weapons and warfare during the Middle Ages through the Renaissance.

September 16th

Living in Style at Pennsic

Want something a little more substantial than a dome tent for Pennsic? Consider a Moorish cottage complete with timbered ceiling and loft.

Chivalry as a Babe Magnet

MSN: An article by Alan Goldsher for MSN finds that women still believe chivalrous behavior an asset.

Monty Python Fans Make Pilgrimages to Site of "Holy Grail"

Doune Castle, built in the 14th century by Robert Stuart, the first Duke of Albany, has in more recent times been a shrine for those devotees wanting to visit the site where much of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" was filmed.

New Sutton Hoo a Disappointment

Weekly Telegraph: English Heritage has turned Sutton Hoo, one of Britain's prime historical sites, into a tourist trap lacking imagination, according to "Weekly Telegraph" writer Giles Worsley

September 15th

Medieval Science on the Internet

The Medieval Science Page provides links to Internet resources with respect to medieval science of both Western and other cultures.

Sir Ulf Bloodfoot Victorious in Tir Righ's Second Coronet

Sir Ulf Bloodfoot was the winner of the September 13 Coronet Tournament in Tir Righ.

Scientists Study Medieval Gunpowder

A gunpowder made from mixture of charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur -- like the gunpowder used in the 14th century -- equals the explosive force of the 20th century version, according to a report presented at the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

6th Century Graves Threatened by the Sea

A team of scientists from the University of Central Lancashire is working to save more than 100 graves, dating from the 6th century, from washing into the ocean on an island in North Wales.

September 14th

Hoegaarden and Chiara New Heirs to Outlands Throne

In honourable combat on Saturday, Sir Kerold Hoegaarden has won the honor of crowning Baroness Chiara della Luna as the Princess of Outlands.

September 13th

Romania Rushing to Restore Byzantine Frescoes

Restoration work is underway on damaged 15th and 16th century Byzantine frescoes at the monasteries of Bucovina.

Archaeologists Excavate Sixth Century Boat

The Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology at the Southampton Oceanography Centre will be working to raise an oak canoe, thought to date from around 500 CE, from Langstone Harbour.

September 12th

Jonathon and Deille Newly-Crowned Heirs of Atenveldt

Jonathon von Trotha and Deille of Farnham have been crowned as Prince and Princess of Atenveldt after Jonathon defeated Sir Phaelin and Sir Craven in the final rounds of the Tournament.

Unknown Celtic Goddess Identified at British Museum

Scientists working on artifacts from a site in Hertfordshire, England have identified a statue of Senua, a Roman-British goddess previosly unknown to scholars, discovered along with a treasure of gold and silver offerings.

Stefan's Florilegium Updated

THLord Stefan li Rous, keeper of Stefan's Florilegium, has added new information to the website.

Archaeologists Studying 14th Century English Garden

National Geographic News: At Whittington Castle in Shropshire, in England, archaeologists are studying the buried remains of an elaborate garden, originally built in the first half of the 14th century.

"Bog People" Exhibit Travels to Calgary

The "Bog People" Exhibit, which led to controversary when it opened last December in Ottawa, has moved to Calgary, Alberta, and will open October 18, 2003.

What Comes After Q? Arrrrrr!

Always long to have a pirate name? This quiz can help!

September 11th

Photos from Horseradish War Online

Lady Sahsinna von der Sibetsburg, Webmistress of the Shire of Two Seas, has posted photos from the Recent Horseradish War in the Kingdom of Drachenwald

September 10th

3,000-Year-Old Stone Circle Discovered on Lewis

Archaeologists believe a stone circle measuring 30m and dating from 3,000 years ago may be second in importance only to Stonehenge.

Harvest Raid to Feature Gun Demo

Harvest Raid, to be held in the Shire of Heronter (Bemus Point, NY) October 3-5,2003, will feature a demo by 15th century Swiss Handgonner Max Schilling.

"Killer Icon" Removed from St. Petersburg's Hermitage

Pravda: A "biofield" surrounding an icon housed in the Hermitage Museum caused weakness, headaches and high blood pressure, leading to the artwork's removal from public display.

Documents Show Medieval Russia Through the Eyes of a Child

Hundreds of birchbark drawings dating from the 11th through 15th centuries have given a new insight into life in medieval Russia. Among the documents are a number of children's drawings.

September 9th

"London and Country Brewer" Available Online

As part of Project Guttenberg, the "London and Country Brewer" is now available in digital format.

Performers Sought for Armorgeddon

Lady Robina M'Baine of Willow Wood is looking for a few good jugglers, poets, singers, etc. to take part in a concert to be held on Saturday of Armorgeddon. Armorgeddon is September 11-14, 2003 in the Shire of Borderdown.