December 8th

Dig Low Sweet Chariot

SUN Online: A 2,500 year old chariot, with the driver's skeleton still onboard, was discovered by workmen as they dug up a field in England while working on a new roadway.

Jesus Ossuary Back in the News

New scholarly research on a burial box, purported to be that of James, brother of Jesus, says it is too early to call the box a fake.

December 7th

Tiny Siege Engines Wanted

The Atlantia Siege Guild is looking for a few good, SMALL, siege engines for a Tabletop Siege Challenge to be held February 28, 2004 at the Ponte Alto Investiture.

Turkish Farmers Key to Language Origins

Nature: A new study finds evidence that farmers in Turkey were key to the spread of Indo-European languages 9,000 years ago.

December 6th

Welsh Sun-Disc Declared Treasure

A Copper or Bronze Age sun disc, considered to be the earliest artifact of its kind to be discovered in Wales, has been declared a treasure.

Atlantia's Runestone Collegium Cancelled

Asszony Bessenyei Rozsa, Seneschal, Barony of the Sacred Stone, has announced that Runestone Collegium/Winter Solstice, to be held December 13, 2003 in Ashville, NC, has been cancelled.

The History of Eating Utensils

The history and evolution of eating utensils can be researched by accessing the online Rietz Food Technology Collection.

December 5th

New King Arthur Film to Debut in July 2004

A new King Arthur film, with a post Roman Britain slant, is scheduled to open in theaters in July 2004.

Da Vinci's Flyer Comes to Life

Discovery News: Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine really does fly!

NPR's Ira Glass Admits Radio is Less Popular Than Jousting

Onion A.V. Club: In an interview for the Onion A.V. Club, popular public radio personality Ira Glass admitted that jousting just might be more popular than public radio.

December 4th

Museum Exhibit Lost at Los Angeles Airport

En route to an exhibit at the Middle Eastern Studies Association of North America conference in Anchorage, the world famous Palestine Costume Archive travelling exhibit was lost. Now a worldwide plea has gone out to help locate and return the exhibit to its rightful owners.

Talonvale to Host Midrealm Cooks Symposium

The fourth annual Midddle Kingdom Cooks Symposium will be held February 7, 2004 in Jackson, MI.

Outlands Fall Coronation Photos

THL Gwydion ap Llewyllen of the Kingdom of Outlands has an extensive online photo album from the Kingdom's fall Coronation event.

Medieval Holiday Celebrations

Looking for unique ways to celebrate the holidays? Try Dame Aoife's medieval holiday links for inspiration.

December 3rd

A Place For All Things Pre-1066 is a new web site where SCA people can go to find information about things Early Period.

15th Century "Comic Strips" on Display

The Guardian: "Illuminating the Renaissance: The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe", is at the Royal Academy of Arts from November 29, 2003 until February 22, 2004.

New Exhibit on Imperial Chinese Court Costume

"Draped in Dragons: Chinese Court Costumes" is on display at the Loring Gallery of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, through May 2, 2004.

December 2nd

Alphonso X's Book of Games Available Online

An important manuscript on period games such as chess and backgammon is now partially available online as scanned images.

Sir Michael de Brad Victorious in Drachenwald's Viceroy Tourney

Sir Michael de Brad was victorious at the recent Insulae Draconis Viceroy Tournament.

Roman Gaming Die Auctioned by Christies

A Roman dodecahedral (twenty-sided) gaming die is being auctioned by the famous Christies auction house.

Mongolian Clothing for Men and Women

In order to document the Mongolian garb usually worn at SCA activities, Linda Krecker-Schkred has published her findings online.

December 1st

Novae Militiae, The New Knighthood

Novae Militiae is a living history group based in Georgia (USA) which portrays the years 1189-1216 CE in an English military setting.

Al-Hafla in Vancouver a Resounding Success

Shareef Musiqi al-Rashid al-Thaeib reports on the success of the recent al-Hafla held in An Tir.

Manual of Women

An anonymously written cookbook from 16th Century Spain has been translated by Lady Karen Larsdatter of Atlantia and made available online.

Hyde Museum Debuts New Exhibit on Devotional Objects

"Objects of Devotion: The Art of Medieval & Renaissance Europe" will be on display at the Hoopes Gallery of the Hyde Collection Art Museum in Glens Falls, New York, through March, 2004.

November 30th

King Harold to be Disinterred

Guardian Unlimited: If archaeologists have their way, a tomb containing remains, which may or may not be those of King Harold, the last Anglo Saxon ruler of England, will soon be opened.

Dirk MacMartin Made Knight in Calontir

On the Calontir list, Thyri announced that Dirk MacMartin has been made a knight.

SCA/LHA Join Forces for 12th Night in East Kingdom

Members of Smoking Rocks in southeast Massachusetts will be teaming up with members of the Living History Association for a Twelfth Night celebration January 10, 2004.

November 29th

British Producer Seeks Experts to Design "Super Weapons"

East Kingdom List: Matthew Catling, a British television producer for Darlow Smithson Productions Ltd, is looking for a select group of people to design, build test ancient "super weapons."

Ealdormere's Golden Seamstress Competition Updated

Autocrat THL Mauvrneen MacKellar has announced that Ealdormere's first ever Golden Seamstress Competition will be held March 19-20, 2004 in Burford, Ontario. There have been changes to both site and date for the event.