June 14th, 2004

Meridies Coronation

Lochac Coronation

Great Northeastern War

Ealdormere Crown Tournament

Ealdormere Coronation

Drachenwald Coronation

Calontir Coronation

Border Raids XXXIII

Atlantia Crown Tournament

Atlantia Coronation

Atenveldt Coronation

Atenveldt Crown Tournament

Great Western War

Artemisia Crown Tournament

Artemisia Coronation

An Tir Coronation

An Tir/West War

SCA Board of Directors Meeting

Known World Academy of the Rapier

Known World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium

Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium

SCA in Iraq and the Middle East

With deployments of soldiers who are SCA members to Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, Drachenwald hopes to form branches for them in the region.

SCA in Iceland and Norway

The Kingdom of Drachenwald is adding to its already large presence in Scandinavia with contacts in Iceland and Norway.

Oaken Melee School V


The fifth annual Oaken Melee School will feature a "War of Southern Aggression" between the new Barony of Brendoken and the established Barony of Middle Marches. Location:
Marche of Alderford -- Roswell OH

June 13th

Encampment at the Castle IV

Encampment at the Castle is held at the former Mansfield Reformatory, a large stone building that looks very much like a castle. The grounds are lovely, and the event will feature fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, and merchants, among other activities.