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January 7th, 2004

Midrealm to Create Barony of Brendoken

Their Majesties Alasdair MacFhearghuis and Gueni

January 6th

AnTir Barony Brings Middle Ages to Life at "Return of the King" Showing

Daily Herald: Members of the Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County, Washington) offered movie-goers a little something special when they attended a Saturday performance of "The Return of the King" at a local cineplex. Reporter Jennifer Warnick covered the story for the "Daily Herald."

Masques and Merriment for the Holiday Season

Just in time for 12th Night, Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras: Learn all about masques and mumming when Dame Aoife shares her recommandations.

Mary Queen of Scots Rediscovered

Once reviled, Mary Queen of Scots is being viewed in a new light by Scottish researchers.

January 5th

Reporter Has a "Chainmail Moment"

Newsweek: Newsweek reporter Jeff Giles got the acting opportunity of a lifetime when he scored a bit part in Peter Jackson's "Return of the King."

West Kingdom Map Online

Khevron, the Principality of Oertha Webminister, has announced that a new map of the West Kingdom is now available online.

Hungarians Seek Healing at the Grave of Attila the Hun

IOL: Hungarians are flocking to the site believed to be the grave of Attila the Hun hoping for healing.

January 4th

University of Akron to Receive Arabic Treasures

Beacon Journal: Department of Classical Studies, Anthropology and Archaeology of the University of Akron has received a wonderful Christmas gift: a collection of artifacts from former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, James Akins.

One Ring Coming to Boston Museum of Science

An exhibit of film props from the "Lord of the Rings" movies will open at Boston's Museum of Science August 1, 2004. Displays will include an "armor corridor."

Doom Fresco to be Viewed for First Time in 400 Years

A recently-restored, rare medieval fresco will be seen by the public for the first time in 400 years when it is put on display in Coventry, England.

Roman Treasure Displayed in Basel

Swiss Info: A hoard of Roman treasure, hidden from 4th century raiders, has been reassembled and will be displayed for the first time in Basel, Switzerland.

January 2nd

King Michael Rightful Ruler of England

History News Network: Australian Michael Hastings is, in truth, King Michael I of England, the heir to the Plantagenet bloodline, and should be living in Buckingham Palace rather than Jerilderie, NSW, according to a British historian.

Outlands Barony Gathers 10,000 Toys

Daily Times: The Barony Fontaine Dans Sable (Farmington, NM) recently beat their own record by collecting over ten thousand donated toys for San Juan County's Toys for Tots program.

More Bridegrooms Opting for Kilts

Star Telegram: Scottish formal wear is becoming more and more popular for weddings, according to New York Times News Service reporter Linda Lee.

December 31st, 2003

Denis the Little Tinkers with the Calendar We celebrate Christmas on December 25 due to the efforts of a Scythian monk known to history as Denis the Little, who tinkered with the calendar by papal request.

Maltese Authorities May Bury Roman Wall

Times of Malta: A Roman wall discovered during renovations on Gozo Cathedral in Malta may have to be re-buried because the work was not authorized.

December 30th

Pennsic War Returns to NPR

Karen Given's report on the Pennsic War was rerun recently on National Public Radio's "Only a Game."

A New Dane in AEthelmearc

The Kingdom of AEthelmearc has welcomed a new subject: Dane Christopher Murray.

Old-Fashioned Viking Christmas

The Scandinavian celebration of Jul harkens back to Norse mythology. An article from "The Scotsman" looks at Christmas celebrations in Sweden and Norway and their roots in Viking tradition.

December 29th

SCAdians Included in Geek Trendsetting

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Christian Boone offers his opinion on geeks as trendsetters, and includes SCAdians in the group.

"Chronicles of Narnia" Being Shot in New Zealand

CBS: "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," the first book of C.S. Lewis' Narnia series, will soon begin production on location in New Zealand.

One Kingdom, One Book

Readers in the East Kingdom will get the opportunity to participate in One Kingdom, One Book.

Young SCAdian Struck and Killed by Car in Outlands

Last Saturday, the Barony of Caerthe in the Kingdom of Outlands bid a final farewell to Brendon Swatko, a twelve-year-old who died after being struck by a car outside an SCA event.

December 28th

Cooks & Performers Needed for Estrella Queen's Tea

Lady Catelin Munro of Ailsa, Autocrat of Estrella XX Queen's Tea, has requested help from cooks and performers who plan to attend the Estrella War.

Mystery of Chinese Gunpowder Solved?

China View: Chinese archaeologists may have discovered the secret of China's invention of gunpowder.

December 27th

Scientists Study Colosseum's "Special Effects"

A team of German archaeologists has been excavating the basement of Rome's great Colosseum, including the intricate mechanical wonders which produced the effects for the gladiatorial games.

17th Century Javanese Coins Discovered in Thames

90 copper coins, washed up from London's Thames River, have stumped archaeologists.

Medici Secrets to be Exposed by DNA Testing?

News Telegraph: Researchers are planning to exhume and test the bodies of 50 members of the Medici Family with hopes of some "sensational surprises."

December 26th

Exhumation of King Harold Denied

A church court has denied researchers the right to examine the remains of what might have been King Harold.

St. Columcille's Monastery Purchased by the State

Limerick Post: Durrow Abbey and the St. Columcille Monastery in County Offaly, Ireland, have been purchased by the government for an initial sum of 270 thousand Euro.