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March 4th, 2004

A Kid in King Cennedi's Court: Children's Event in Ealdormere

On February 21, 2004, "A Kid in King Cennedi's Court" took place in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. HRH Marion writes about attending the event.

Lilies War to Highlight Artisans

Mikhail Nikolaevich, Lilies War XVIII A&S Coordinator, has announced that the organizers will once again have an A&S area where artisans may exhibit and demonstrate their work as well as host competitions.

Rare Portrait of Catherine Parr Unveiled

A rare portrait of Catherine Parr by an unknown artist is now on display at Hever Castle in England.

March 3rd

Pennsic University Announces Policy Changes

Dame Catriona Mac Duff, Deputy Mayor of Cultural Affairs for Pennsic 33, has announced several changes to class policies for Pennsic 33.

New Warrior in AEthelmarc

His Majesty of AEthelemarc will have a new warrior in his ranks. St

Gulf Wars to be Site of Knowne Worlde Squires' Tourney

Gulf Wars, held in the Kingdom of Meridies from March 15 through 21, will add to its usual activities a Knowne Worlde Squires' Tournament.

Even More Photo Albums from Estrella War

Viscountess Deirdre D'Argenteuil, OL, has posted her extensive photo albums from Estrella War 2004 A&S on the web.

March 2nd

Linguists Disgruntled Over Gibson's "Passion"

Some linguistic experts are less than thrilled with the historical accuracy of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

Kings and Queens Through Time

How well do you know the reigns of the rulers of England? Explore the reigns of four different periods of British history through a game, putting contemporary portraits in the correct order.

Let There be Light!

This week Dame Aoife share links pertaining to lighting, medieval-style.

March 1st

Roman Road Unearthed in Hereford

Residents of Hereford in England had hoped for improvements to their road. Instead, an archaeological survey has found remains of a much older road - one dating back to Roman times.

More Charges Filed Against Ben Schragger

Burlington County Times: An Associated Press article reports that a total of eleven alleged victims are now included in the indictments filed against Lord Ben the Steward in Pennsylvania.

February 29th

Knighthood Still in Flower for Local Group

STL Today: The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch has published a feature article about a tournament held in the Barony of Three Rivers.

Samurai: The Warrior Class of Japan

An exhibition of Japanese prints, scroll paintings, weapons, and artefacts which document the life and times of the Samurai is on display at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

February 28th

Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit in Toronto

"Eternal Egypt: Masterworks of Ancient Art from The British Museum" will be on display at the Royal Ontario Museum through June 6.

February 27th

Vancouver to Host Early Music Courses This Summer

Goldberg: Early Music Vancouver will hold six early music workshops in July and August of this year.

Archaeologists Hope for Viking Hoard

Amateur archaeologists with a metal detector may have found Britain's earliest Viking ship burial, or so experts hope.

14th Century Silver Pendant Found in Nottingham

This Is Nottingham: Metal-detecting hobbyist Thomas Wallace found a 14th century silver pendant inscribed with the initials A and W (likely a reference to the Alpha and Omega) in a field in Nottingham.

February 26th

Have Vikings Gotten a Bad Rap?

National Geographic: In an article for "National Geographic," reporter Stefan Lovgren looks at new research that proves Vikings were into more than raping and pillaging.

2,000-Year-Old Water Main Still Working

A 100-foot stretch of pipe, which once fed the Roman fort at Vindolanda, was unearthed recently and discovered to be still working.

February 25th

Studying the Kingdom of Jerusalem

This week Dame Aoife shares links dealing with the history and social customs of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

New Theory on Darnley's Murder Published

Sunday Herald: Dame Muriel Spark's new book puts forward the theory that Joseph Riccio, brother of David Riccio, was responsible for the murder of Lord Henry Stuart Darnley, Mary's second husband.

February 24th

Tunnel Under Stonehenge Planned

A public inquiry has been opened to study government plans to build a traffic tunnel under Stonehenge.

Erik Schmid, the "Mail" Man

St. Cloud Times News: Through first-hand research and hours of trial and error, Erik Schmid has accomplished something few people have: created accurate reproductions of historical examples of mail garments from the Medieval and Classical periods.

February 23rd

Tourney of Ymir Photos Online

Photos by Lord Steven of the recent Ymir event in Atlantia are now available online.

Scotland's First "Suburb" Found in Ayrshire

The Independent: Archaeologists are working to uncover the remains of a medieval settlement, as well as an earlier Stone Age settlement, a short ways from the existing village of Dreghorn.

While on Vacation, Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

The medieval pest commonly known as the bedbug is making a comeback, thanks in part to increased travel.

February 22nd

New Heirs for the Kingdom of Trimaris

At the Spring of Crown Tourney of Trimaris on February 20-22, Heirs to the Thrones were determined.

Three New Peers Elevated in Atlantia

At the Tourney of Ymir, which took place February 13-15, 2004 in the Kingdom of Atlantia, three new peers were elevated.

Virtual Reality Brings the Hagia Sofia to Life

The trend toward virtual reality exhibits will give many more people access to the museum experience according to a recent BBC article.